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Kickass Boomers

Kickass Boomers is THE PLACE to find inspiration and motivation for boomers from 55-100 to help them live a "Life Inspired". Terry interviews boomers who Refuse to Age and are living a life of purpose and passion into their 60's, 70's, and beyond. Subscribe now for your weekly dose of inspiration.

info_outline #164; Pam delights in helping people free themselves from clutter in order to make room for their passions to flourish. 11/27/2023
info_outline #163: What life experience emboldened Rita Wilkins to morph from a Renowned Interior Designer to what her new mission in life is "The Downsizing Designer"? 11/20/2023
info_outline #162: Do you like seeing yourself on video? If not, Edie Clarke to the rescue! 11/13/2023
info_outline KAB #161 Keeping The Memory of D-Day Alive and Honoring our Veterans of World War II. Some came home and many did not. We honor them all today as well as all of our Veterans. This is an encore presentation 11/06/2023
info_outline #160: Let's Celebrate!!! Happy Third Anniversary to the Kickass Boomers Podcast & Host Terry Lohrbeer 10/30/2023
info_outline #159: Paula Judith Johnson is an esteemed romance novel author and today shares her systems with other writers. 10/23/2023
info_outline #158: When Lisa watched her blind father do things he shouldn’t be able to do she began to look at life & business from another perspective! Encore Presentation 10/16/2023
info_outline #157: After losing her mom at age 13, her brother when she was 30 & shortly after her sister, Ghulam slowly began to fall apart! 10/09/2023
info_outline #156: Delaney Parker's new erotic novel "grace" has the main character with multiple sclerosis and desperately wants to have a second child. 10/02/2023
info_outline #155: Diane Jellen's book "My Resurrected Heart" is the story of her codependency and how she broke free & began her healing process! 09/25/2023
info_outline #154: How many touch points are necessary to reach your target audience in social media today? 09/18/2023
info_outline #153: TogetherforSharon.com - Sharon's 15 year fight against the cruel disease of Parkinson's. 09/11/2023
info_outline #152: His English teacher told him he couldn’t write, his counselor told him he should “Find a Toolbox”, these six words changed his life! Encore Presentation 09/04/2023
info_outline #151: Carol Cooke won a Gold Medal at age 51 in spite of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, now that is a Kickass Boomer! Encore Presentation 08/28/2023
info_outline #150: Mia Altieri, an actress, the woman who lived the real life story of "There's A Dead Girl In My Yard", tells us her story. Encore Presentation 08/21/2023
info_outline #149: “There’s a Dead Girl in My Yard”, “Suddenly Single Sylvia" and "Boomer Dating Guide” all by author Angela Page. This is an encore presentation. 08/14/2023
info_outline #148: Could you move from a Beach Town in New Jersey to a very small rural town in South Dakota? Encore Presentation 08/07/2023
info_outline #147: "Get Over Yourself, Get Out of Your Own Way And Get What You Want Out Of Life!" a book by Beatrice Bruno, otherwise known as, The Drill Sergeant of Life. 07/31/2023
info_outline #146: Are you going through menopause? Would it help to have a dedicated holistic practitioner helping you through the hot flashes of menopause? 07/24/2023
info_outline #145: Where can you gain health benefits, brain benefits, socialization, and make new friends in one place? 07/17/2023
info_outline #144: Why use Sherri Rosen Publicity for your next book? Could it be because it is Bold, Brilliant, Bodacious publicity that works! 07/10/2023
info_outline #143: Happy 4th of July & Independence Day America ! from Terry at Kickass Boomers Podcast 07/03/2023
info_outline #142: "You could be retired for decades - so you might as well get good at it!" - Andy Robin -Encore Presentation. 06/26/2023
info_outline #141: How long should downsizing take from start to finish? This is a Replay of Terry's solo Ep From 6/20/22! 06/19/2023
info_outline #140: Julia was a childhood diabetic which led to kidney failure, heart disease retinopathy & nerve damage. How did she get in the best shape of her life at 62? 06/12/2023
info_outline #139: We as grandparents have the chance to use reading to build better relationships with our young grandchildren! Find out how. 06/05/2023
info_outline #138: Would you join a facebook group called "Declutter Your Life ~ Free Your Spirit"? 05/29/2023
info_outline #137: Trisha asked the Universe to send her an adventure and an invitation to Bolivia, South America dropped in her lap! 05/22/2023
info_outline #136: You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream! Encore Presentation from 2021. 05/15/2023
info_outline #135: What is your secret weapon in your marathon of life ???? Encore Presentation 05/08/2023