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The Killing IT Podcast

IT authors and entrepreneurs Ryan Morris, Karl Palachuk, and Dave Sobel provide commentary on the changing world of technology opportunities and emerging tech. We want to expand the discussion from the SMB IT channel to all things tech - with one eye on the future and the other on profits. Join us!

info_outline Episode 207 - Bigger and Bigger MSPs, AI, and How to Consume Advice 03/30/2024
info_outline Episode 206: ChatGPT Year 1, Robots Multiplying by Thousands, and Destructive Private Equity 12/21/2023
info_outline Episode 205 - Overworking, AI, AR, and More! 10/04/2023
info_outline Episode 204: KIT LIVE at the SMB Online Conference 05/26/2023
info_outline Epsiode 203: AI is Moving Fast, Killing IT Revisits the Cabana, & This Isn't Goodbye but See You Later 02/21/2023
info_outline Episode 202: The Good Guys win the Cyber Wars, Scientist Using Wifi to See Through Walls, & AI and Ethics 02/07/2023
info_outline Episode 201: Jobs Again, FBI Crime Data is NOT Good, & First Personal Drone to be Produced by India 01/31/2023
info_outline Episode 200: Labor Hoarding, Tech Workforce 2023, We Got the Digital Workplace Wrong 01/24/2023
info_outline Algorithms in need of MGMT Training, Microsoft drops $1B on ChatGPT, & Apple to Create Their Own Chip 01/17/2023
info_outline Episode 198: the Generative AI Race, Last Pass Security Incident, and Intelligent Elevators 01/10/2023
info_outline Episode 197: Military Fingerprints and Iris Scans on Ebay, the Remote Worker Whistleblower, Mab Simulates Time Travel with AI 01/03/2023
info_outline Episode 196: Scammers Scamming the Scam, "Luddite" Teens, and the Drones are Here 12/27/2022
info_outline Episode 195: The Bots are Here, AI Fiction Author, and Call Time on FAANG Stocks 12/20/2022
info_outline Episode 194: Killer Robot Police, New Words for New Data Volume, AI Images--Good or bad? 12/13/2022
info_outline Episode 193: The FTX Contagion, Goodnight to Alexa, Amazon Replaces Recruiters with AI! 12/07/2022
info_outline Episode 192: Federal Communications Commission Draft High-speed Internet Coverage Maps, The Tech Labor Situation, and Fed. Govt Provide Cybersecurity Insurance 11/29/2022
info_outline Episode 191: Lithium Ion Batters Recyclable, 9 in 10 SMBs Fear Ransomware Attack, and Rude Behavior might be Contagious 11/22/2022
info_outline Episode 190: Stripe Layoffs, Twitter Melt down, & the Crypto Meltdown 11/15/2022
info_outline Episode 189: U.S. drop in productivity, Cloud Computing to grow, US Banks spend $1 Bill on Ransomware 11/08/2022
info_outline Episode 188: Japan pushes for digitization, Drone swarms, & Australia increase penalties for data breaches 11/01/2022
info_outline Episode 187 - Cloud Marketplace, AI to Diagnose Illnesses, Internet Speed Disparity 10/25/2022
info_outline Episode 186 - Juicy tech states, Metaverse's standing, and THOR's Day 10/18/2022
info_outline Episode 185: Dodging an Existential Bullet, Google Shuts Down Stadia, & Ambient Intelligence 10/11/2022
info_outline Episode 184: Public cameras and Privacy Concerns, Machine Translation, and Darth Vader! 10/04/2022
info_outline Episode 183: ETFs, US Military on social media, & Metaverse as a service, 09/27/2022
info_outline Episode 182: "Good" hack for SolarWinds, "Bad" security for Twitter, and "Sock Puppet" phishing 09/20/2022
info_outline Episode 181: SMBs need MSPs, Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, & Police subscribe to "Fog Reveal" 09/13/2022
info_outline Episode 180 - AI "Accountability", Quietly Quitting, & the Right to Tractor Repair 09/06/2022
info_outline Episode 179: Reverse Mentoring, Internships during cybersecurity shortages, and Amazon in healthcare 08/30/2022
info_outline Episode 178: Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Gender Equity in Tech, Amazon maps your home 08/23/2022