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KNOW BRAINER PODCAST - Catalyze Curiosity! Hosted by Christina Ochoa

Guests bring 3 thought-provoking pieces (Called Catalysts) that inspire conversation, questions, opinions, moral dilemmas & spark a cornucopia of engaging views. Science, art, news, culture... everything is fair game in KNOW BRAINER, as we explore the full spectrum of the human experience. Hosted by Christina Ochoa. For more information please visit: www.kbpodcast.com or follow us on: @kbpodcast

info_outline Melissa Peterman - Elephant Rituals, Aerodynamics, and The Science Of Laughter. 11/24/2014
info_outline Shannon Quinn - Ancient Aliens, Pack Mentality in Humans, and Fear Vs Fascination with the Ocean. 11/17/2014
info_outline Tiffany Smith - Science in Sci-Fi, Identity, and Old School Chivalry. 11/09/2014
info_outline Margot Bingham - HALLOWEEN and mixed racial backgrounds in modern society. 10/31/2014
info_outline Meg Rosenburg - Meteor Craters, Theater in Tech Schools, and Work/Life Balance. 10/23/2014
info_outline Kim Horcher - The Dogma Of "Should", Fear Of Change, And Disney Princess Obsession. 10/17/2014
info_outline Tamara Krinsky - Growth Vs Fixed Mindset, Data Mined Children, and Gephyrophobia. 10/11/2014
info_outline Sean Carroll -- Quantum Mechanics, Autodidacts and Complexity. 10/03/2014
info_outline Cara Santa Maria - ee cummings Poems, Antidepressants & The First Ammendment. 09/26/2014
info_outline Jennifer Ouellette - Self Experimentation, Time and Identity, and Body Fluids In Art. 09/19/2014
info_outline Crystal Dilworth - Female Scientists in Media, Addiction, and Rhythmic Gymnastics. 09/12/2014
info_outline Derek Theler- New Laser Technology for Diabetics, Comic Timing, and the Stanford Prison Experiment. 09/05/2014
info_outline Taryn Oneill - The Tortured Genius, Art & Location, and Women in STEM. 08/30/2014
info_outline Phil Torres- California Cougars, Headless Sloths and UberFacts. 08/22/2014
info_outline Teagan Wall- Money, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and The Inability of Humans To Randomize. 08/15/2014
info_outline PJ Haarsma - Creativity & The Human Experience, Essentialism, and Methane Plumes in the Arctic Floor. 08/08/2014
info_outline Michele Morrow - Women in Gaming, Hollywood's Obsession with Plastic Surgery, and the Consumption of Media. 08/01/2014
info_outline Matthew Mercer - Adult Play, VR & Neuroplasticity, and Potato Salad. 07/25/2014
info_outline Gia Mora - Beauty in Change, Trypophobia, and The Hazards of Cooking. 07/25/2014
info_outline Marisha Ray - Minecraft EDU, Videogames and Morality, and The Mythology of Superheroes. 07/18/2014
info_outline Jason Goldman - Animal Instincts, The Term "Vanilla", and The Power of Celebration. 07/18/2014
info_outline Diliana Deltcheva - Ethical Boundaries of Art, Future and Psychics, and Relationships in Social Media. 07/11/2014
info_outline Derek Muller - Monogamy, Addiction to Technology, and Beauty According to John Keats 07/11/2014
info_outline Grant Imahara - LEGO, The Uncanny Valley Principle in Robotics, and Failure. 07/02/2014