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The Real Investment Show Podcast

It's a show about life, markets, sweat-equity, and the pursuit of wealth in a capitalist market.

info_outline American Epidemic: Living Beyond our Means 07/01/2022
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info_outline Fighting Elizabeth Warren 06/23/2022
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info_outline What Happens to Oil Prices After Big Spikes? 06/22/2022
info_outline Is the Fed Determined to Make Another Policy Mistake? 06/21/2022
info_outline Are Markets near a Short-term Bottom? 06/21/2022
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info_outline What Happened to Cryptocurrencies? 06/15/2022
info_outline What's the Best Measure of Inflation: CPI, PPI, or PCE? 06/14/2022
info_outline Should You Sell the Rip? 06/14/2022
info_outline Consumer Sentiment at Lower Levels Now than in Financial Crisis 06/13/2022
info_outline Will the Fed Be More Aggressive? 06/13/2022
info_outline The Coming Economic Devastation 06/10/2022
info_outline How the Consumer is Getting Squeezed 06/09/2022
info_outline Markets Stuck Ahead of Friday's CPI Report | 3:00 on Markets & Money 06/09/2022
info_outline The Problem with Joe Biden's $3.5-T Tax Plan 06/08/2022
info_outline What to Do When Markets Are Stuck in a Trading Range| 3:00 on Markets & Money 06/08/2022