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Eco Chat with Laura Trotta Podcast

Join environmental engineer and eco-living expert Laura Trotta and special Eco Hero guests in this fun and thought-provoking podcast on sustainability. Laura's mission is to make green mainstream and ensure her listeners get all the inspiration and help they need to create an ecoceptional life they love.

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info_outline [139] How To Save The Whole Stinkin Planet with Lee Constable 06/03/2019
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info_outline [132] The Benefits of Cycling and Commuting by Bike 01/21/2019
info_outline [131] Tales from a Dumpster Diver 01/03/2019
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info_outline [126] 3 Ways To Eco-fy Your Coffee Habit 10/29/2018
info_outline [125] Eco-parenting Strategies for the Modern World 10/16/2018
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