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Learning to Deal

Learning to deal, a Disabled Veterans journey from boots and barracks to coins and currency. This podcast is about the hosts Journey learning to live and cope with PTSD through coin Collecting and dealing. This show talks coins, currency, and PTSD.

info_outline What I have learned, Update with me, Enhancing.... 10/15/2020
info_outline Learning From mistakes, Finding Inventory, Enhancing your Collection 10/01/2020
info_outline 10-1 Teaser 09/29/2020
info_outline Dealer Help, Coin strategies to enhance your collection 09/15/2020
info_outline Mental Health and coins, Bus. update Enhance your Question 09/01/2020
info_outline Sept 1 Teaser MH & coins, Business update, listener questions 08/20/2020
info_outline Announcements, Crazy Bullion Market, and Enhancing your collection 08/15/2020
info_outline Enhance your Collection, Mental Health and Coins, Buying a big coin 07/06/2020
info_outline Teaser Trailer July 6 Enhancing your collection 06/29/2020
info_outline National Coin Shows, Brokerage First and a Home Run coin? 06/05/2020
info_outline Teaser Trailer June 5 National Coin Shows, PTSD and Coin Brokerage update 05/31/2020
info_outline Special Episode: Minneapolis, MN Civil Unrest and PTSD 05/30/2020
info_outline Special episode teaser 05/28/2020
info_outline Inventory, Specialization and a chat with,,,, 05/22/2020
info_outline Getting started with Coins and PTSD 03/23/2020