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Left Of Nashville: A Music Documentary |DIY| Songwriting| Indie Music

Documentary where a struggling songwriter learns from hit writers for Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney and entrepreneurs (Seth Godin). Follow this roller coaster journey of one man's attempt to make a living with his music. Hosted by Brandon Barnett.

info_outline Left Of Nashville Season 3 New Intro 01/28/2017
info_outline Bonus Episode: Side Hustle-Voice Over/Music Project 10/19/2016
info_outline Searching For Ghosts: The Disappearance Of Cayce Lynn McDaniel-Promo (New Series From LON Podcast Network) 09/26/2016
info_outline Bonus Episode: Americana Music Triangle-There's Something In The Water Here 09/15/2016
info_outline LON Special Report: June 30, 2016-The Day The Music Died? Ep.2 The DOJ v. Joe Songwriter with Bart Herbison of NSAI 08/07/2016
info_outline SPECIAL REPORT: June 30, 2016: The Day The Music Died? The DOJ v Joe Songwriter, Ep.1 07/28/2016
info_outline GENESIS: Outtakes From The Birth Of Left Of Nashville:Bonus Episode 06/24/2016
info_outline New Song In-betweenisode: Make Believe 06/13/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.21:FINALE EPISODE-A Time To Read The Writing on the Wall And Become What You Are 05/09/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.20: Losing My Mojo, Procrastination and Utterly Failing With The Song A Week Project…Or Did I?--Yours & Mine 05/03/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.19: The Song A Week (Sort Of) Experiment--Behind The Scenes 04/07/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.18: The Song A Week Experiment--Any Other Way 03/27/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.17--The Final Act Of Season 2: A Time To Pivot 03/20/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.16: Dealing With Rejection Without Burning Bridges: The Pivot Hack 03/13/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.15: Pick Me! Pick Me! A Look At Dating From The Left Of Nashville 03/06/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.14: We Are The Music Makers 02/28/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.13: 1,000 True Fans--The Market Has Changed 02/21/2016
info_outline LON EP.12: Brent Baxter From Man Vs. Row—The Truth About Publishing Deals In Today’s World and The Multi-Hyphenate Songwriter 02/14/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.11: Still Crazy After All These Years--The War Of Time And Money 02/08/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.10: The SOSstudio Experiment: L.A. Time Pt.2 01/31/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.9: The SOSstudio Experiment: L.A. Time Pt.1 01/24/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.8 Your Network Is Your Net Worth: How Not To Become The People In Episode 7 01/17/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.7: In A Town This Size-Users and Trash Talkers 01/10/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.6 Crabs In A Bucket: You Are The Average Of The Five People You Associate With 01/03/2016
info_outline Season 2, Ep.5 Sign On The Dotted Line--Licensing Deals and Impostor Syndrome: Faking It Until You Make It 12/27/2015
info_outline LON Season 2, EP.4: Anatomy Of A Song: Your Everloving Arms 12/20/2015
info_outline LON Season 2, Ep.3: Taylor Swift, Destin(y), & The Waiting Is The Hardest Part 12/13/2015
info_outline Left Of Nashville: Season 2, Ep.2 "Let's Mix It Up!" 12/06/2015
info_outline Season 2 DEBUT Ep.1 It Takes A Damn Village 11/30/2015
info_outline Left Of Nashville Ep.9 Where Things Stand--A Look Into Overwhelm 05/26/2015