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Let's Find Out

Let's Find Out merchandise now available at https://www.letsfindoutasmr.com. Let's Find Out is a calm, casual, and candid look into my amateur adventure for understanding. Join me as I learn about and try to make meaningful connections between the fields astronomy, physics, philosophy, history, maths, psychology, myth, religion, and literature. (ASMR just means content specifically designed to be relaxing and peaceful. It's something to sleep to or just use to have quietly playing in the background while you work away.)

info_outline (Livestream) Interstellar Missions to Proxima Centauri (& New Let's Find Out Merchandise) | ASMR 12/03/2021
info_outline Bob Ross: The Beginning (biography) | ASMR, Soft-spoken 10/26/2021
info_outline 1000 Space Facts: Part 2 (Nebulae, Extraterrestrials) (5 HOURS, Binaural) | ASMR whisper 09/22/2021
info_outline Size, Distance, and Time in the Universe | ASMR (3.5 Hours) 07/17/2021
info_outline From Barter to Bitcoin (from Jan. 3, 2018) 04/17/2021
info_outline Binary Stars in 1836 | Geography of the Heavens: Part 2 | ASMR soft spoken 12/02/2020
info_outline Does Our Vote Matter? How the Electoral College Works | ASMR 11/23/2020
info_outline (5.5 Hours) Thunderstorm in Florida | Loud Thunder and Heavy Rain 11/02/2020
info_outline Relaxing Rain Sounds For Deep Sleep Pt. 2: From Inside 10/05/2020
info_outline 1000 Space Facts: Part 1 | ASMR Whisper + Rain Storm 10/03/2020
info_outline Lessons of History: The Cycle of Ancient Civilizations (Will & Ariel Durant) | ASMR 09/29/2020
info_outline Supernovae and Variable Stars: Astronomy in 1836 vs 2020 | ASMR soft spoken 09/26/2020
info_outline my 4 HOUR unboxing video | soft-spoken ASMR 09/04/2020
info_outline Top 25 Astronomy & Space Educational GIFs | soft-spoke ASMR | reddit 08/21/2020
info_outline History of Early Space Exploration | soft-spoken ASMR 08/03/2020
info_outline New Astronomy / Space Books | Thunderstorm Soft-Spoken ASMR 08/02/2020
info_outline "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" by David Foster Wallace (reading) 07/02/2020
info_outline On David Foster Wallace, Stories, and Meaning | ASMR 06/27/2020
info_outline (3 HRS) An Even Older 200 Year-Old Astronomy Book (1836) | ASMR whisper 06/22/2020
info_outline 1839 astronomy book browsing | whisper ASMR 06/10/2020
info_outline When are we most alive? (reading/responding to your answers) | ASMR 06/04/2020
info_outline (whisper) National Geographic Pictures (part 2: the World) 04/23/2020
info_outline (whisper) National Geographic Pictures (part 1: North America) 04/23/2020
info_outline (30 min) Stellardrone "Cepheid" (4x slower) Music for Relaxation 04/16/2020
info_outline (30 min) Boards of Canada "Helios" (4x slower) Music for Relaxation 04/16/2020
info_outline (3 Hours) Jason Jackson "Freedom Prayer" (8x slower) Music for Relaxation 04/09/2020
info_outline (6 Hours) Aphex Twin "Blue Calx" (8x slower) Music for Study, Introspection, and Sleep 03/31/2020
info_outline The 9 Billion Names of God (Reading and Analyzing) by Arthur C Clarke 03/29/2020
info_outline Our Oriental Heritage: Finding Common Ground in History | Will Durant | ASMR 03/14/2020
info_outline Universe Sandbox and great philosophy quotes | whisper ASMR 02/28/2020