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The Life Purpose Advisor Podcast with Angie Swartz

The Life Purpose Advisor Podcast asks spiritual leaders and difference makers the deep questions around living a life of purpose, meaning and joy. We discuss life purpose, spirituality, personal growth, spiritual practice, aha moments and life lessons.

info_outline 58: Christine Stevens: Drumming Her Way to Life Purpose 04/01/2016
info_outline 57: Marc Mawhinney: Inspiring Others to Coach 03/11/2016
info_outline 56: How Relationship Impacts Life Purpose 03/01/2016
info_outline 55: Angie Swartz Kicks Off Season 2 of the Life Purpose Advisor Podcast 02/22/2016
info_outline 54: Angie Swartz Receives a Live Astrology Reading from Molly Morrissey 11/23/2015
info_outline 53: Molly Morrissey: Leading Your Way with Astrology 11/02/2015
info_outline 52: J V Crum III: A Conscious Millionaire's Life Purpose 10/31/2015
info_outline 51: Mark Haffner: The Life Purpose of an Emmy-Award Winning Musician 10/23/2015
info_outline 50: Angie Swartz: The Life Purpose of Seeing the Truth of Others 10/14/2015
info_outline 49: Christina Baldwin: The Life Purpose of a Spiritual Storyteller 10/05/2015
info_outline 48: Jeff Salz: Helping Others Live More Adventurous Lives 09/23/2015
info_outline 47: Michael Neeley: Spreading the Conscious Message 09/14/2015
info_outline 46: Tess Vigeland: Leap to the Life You Really Want 09/07/2015
info_outline 45: Jodi Flynn: Leaving a Corporate Job to Get Closer to God 08/31/2015
info_outline 44: Michelle Jones: Redefining Education with The Wayfinding Academy 08/24/2015
info_outline 43: Susan Piver: The Life Purpose of Modern Day Buddhist Teacher 08/17/2015
info_outline 42: Darrel Larson: The Life Purpose of Giving Clean Water 08/10/2015
info_outline 41: Kristoffer Carter: How to Live an An Integrated Life 08/03/2015
info_outline 40: Michael Lennox: The Life Purpose of a Dream Interpreter Extraordinaire 07/27/2015
info_outline 39: Brett Blair: From Autopilot to Authentic 07/20/2015
info_outline 38: Ana Melikian: From Psychotherapist to Director of Education 07/16/2015
info_outline 37: JJ Flizanes: Train Your Body, Train Your Mind, Train Your Soul 07/06/2015
info_outline 36: Gary Pisoni: A Custodian of The Best Pinot Noir Grapes 05/28/2015
info_outline 35: Edward Cozza: The Life Purpose of an Award Winning Fiction Author 05/19/2015
info_outline 34: Dave Taylor: Increasing Net Happiness in the World 05/11/2015
info_outline 33: Parker J. Palmer on Enhancing the Human Possibility 05/04/2015
info_outline 32: Barry Heermann: Cracking Open and The Larger Meaning of Life 04/27/2015
info_outline 31: Bree Noble: How Following Your Passion Brings Authenticity, Fun and Prosperity 04/21/2015
info_outline 30: Don Jose Ruiz: Claiming Responsibility for Our Own Happiness 04/06/2015
info_outline 29: Dr. Michelle Robin: Fostering Wellness with Chiropractic Care 03/30/2015