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The podcast for entrepreneurs who put LIFESTYLE FIRST via passive online income, real estate investing, and increasing productivity. Join your host Flavia Berys as she interviews successful lifestyle solopreneurs and shares ideas to help you find the perfect balance between lifestyle, business, and self. Flavia Berys, the host of the LIFESTYLE SOLOPRENEUR podcast, is an attorney, marketing expert, and founder of several online academies. She's been featured in major media including BBC World News, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, ESPN television, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fox News, and more. On her podcast, she features solopreneur business owners and entrepreneurs who make a full time income from part-time work, and successfully avoid becoming "miserable millionaires" by learning what to do to stay happy and balanced. Her guests teach us how they earn smarter by working less, leaving time open for family, friends, travel and hobbies. Because remember: "Money doesn't buy happiness, but money in the hands of a happy person? There's no greater tool!"

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