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RECLAIM YOUR WHOLE HEALTH Podcast is a show created with the intent of helping, guiding and educating individuals on paving their way back to their WHOLE HEALTH & SELF! Our Host Mona Bitar has been in the Health & Wellness space for over 2 decades leading, guiding, coaching and mentoring people from all walks of life! Her display of resilience through her own personal story of hardships from a dysfunctional family dynamic growing up, led her to the desire of wanting to create a better and healthier lifestyle for herself and pave the way for others who might not have experienced the same hardships in life but battling through adversity have fell off path from the pillars that make up a whole and healthy individual. In this show we bring into light different areas of health that make up our WHOLE HEALTH. These include: 1. Physical Health and everything that falls under this area of health such as nutrition, training, sleep, rest & recovery to deeper issues such as substance abuse and the effects on this pillar of health. 2. Mental health this is the second pillar of whole health that is linked to so many areas of our selves and our lives and just as the areas under the context of physical affect our lives, they also have a huge impact on our Mental Wellbeing. 3. Emotional Health: A Physically & Mentally healthy individual is someone with tools and skills that enable them to tap into their own power to harness better emotional regulation through coping mechanisms that allow a healthier way of processing and dealing with our emotions. 4. Intuitive Health: When we are able to align our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing with the vision of what HEALTH MEANS to us, we are able to show up and connect with ourselves and our surroundings better and therefore are able to unlock our inner power raising our intuitive awareness to become our internal compass in life! This podcast is brought to you by Lifestyle Integrated Functional Training Co-founder Whole Health Coach Mona Bitar.

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