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The Light Em And Hide Podcast

A Disney and Universal podcast from the perspective of a father of two. A traveling man that loves the parks and occasionally rants. Most likely to be positive. -

info_outline Back at it again. Burgan, Aengus & Litem 02/25/2020
info_outline Kintsukuroi 2020 12/28/2019
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info_outline Special Guest - A Mickey Dude 10/24/2017
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info_outline Episode 74 Capt Michael - Big Time 03/11/2017
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info_outline Episode 70 Welcome Home 01/06/2017
info_outline Episode 69. Happy Nice Year and ROGUE 1 SPOILERS 01/03/2017
info_outline Litem Episode 68.5 "To the Litem mobile" 12/18/2016
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info_outline WE ARE MOVING TO DISNEY WORLD!! 11/01/2016