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Little Sprigs Podcast

Welcome to The Little Sprigs Podcast, hosted by Christina Rochelle. On this podcast, you'll find a mix of interviews and recordings focusing on early childhood education, communication, mindfulness. Follow me on social @littlesprigs to keep up with the latest and say 'Hey'

info_outline How To Support Development of The Senses w/ Lalla Carini 12/03/2019
info_outline Preparing For The First Day of School 08/23/2019
info_outline How To Get Your Child To Clean Up After Themselves 06/05/2019
info_outline What To Do When Your Child Starts Hitting Another Child 06/03/2019
info_outline How To Prepare Your First Child For Your Second Child's Arrival 05/30/2019
info_outline Useful Tips For Parenting and Life w/ Rob Scott 05/21/2019
info_outline From Wellness to Wholeness w/ Meg Berryman 05/15/2019
info_outline Understanding ADHD, Addiction, and Stress as a Coping Mechanism w/ Dr. Gabor Maté 04/30/2019
info_outline Tools For Conscious Communication w/ Lori Petro 03/26/2019
info_outline Elevated Leadership w/ Mark Greenburg 03/08/2019
info_outline The Truth Of Our Voice 02/06/2019
info_outline It's OK to Let Your Sads Out 02/04/2019
info_outline Letting Go of Agenda 01/31/2019
info_outline Transitions 01/29/2019
info_outline How To Build Your Child's Emotional Intelligence 12/05/2018
info_outline Journey towards conscious parenting with Sandra Fazio 04/18/2016
info_outline How To Be An Awesome Parent 03/29/2016
info_outline Parenting Without Power Struggles 02/19/2016
info_outline The Truth Behind The Bedtime Battle 02/13/2016
info_outline Raising Confident and Resilient Children with Teagan Bruce 01/28/2016
info_outline Self Care As A Spiritual Practice 01/21/2016
info_outline Empowering Your Child Through Unconditional Love 01/12/2016
info_outline 5 Natural Human Emotions 12/25/2015
info_outline Setting Intention 12/11/2015
info_outline The Power of Nonverbal Communication and How It Effects Your Children 11/30/2015
info_outline The Difference Between Threats and Consequences 11/15/2015
info_outline How to Handle Your Child’s Big Emotions 11/07/2015
info_outline What Parents and Schools Need To Know About California’s New Vaccine Law 10/30/2015
info_outline The Secret Power of Storytelling w/ David Sewell McCann from Sparkle Stories 03/25/2015
info_outline How To Get Your Child To Listen w/ Christina Perez 03/23/2015