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Live From The SOHL Podcast

Hello to all of my fellow SOHLmates Welcome to "Living From the SOHL Podcast. This show is a platform for 'Inspiring' those who desire to live their SOHLs Purpose, every week we'll bring brand new episodes filled with people leading, living and loving the magic they bring to the world and others. On This Program You'll Find Yourself Listening to the Advise of some of the worlds best Holistic Healers, Wellness Professionals, Spiritual Practitioners, Motivational Speakers and Life Coaches My name is Marques Clark Spiritual Founder and Director of SOHL Center St. Petersburg Florida, I help guide people on their spiritual path and journey to a lifestyle of holistic wellness; through the education of "Holistic Programs, Curriculums, Books, Workbooks, Workshops, Audios, Videos, Webinars, Seminars, Podcast and Retreats. I am a Global Impact Speaker, I have spoken in many countries around the world; I am a Holistic Healer, A Meditation When Master and a #1 Best Selling Author Independently Published I am the World Renowned "Urban Luminary" I bring ancient healing philosophies into the modern era.

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