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Making Dad with Chip and Zach

A comedy podcast about fatherhood. Chip and Zach each have three children - and through sharing their experiences you'll learn clearly what NOT to do when raising your own. Making Dad combines the internet's funniest comedy duo with real advice from experts - hear family therapists, OBGYN's, and even lactation consultants provide you with ACTUAL advice you can use. SEND US YOUR QUESTIONS TO USE ON THE SHOW! questions@makingdadshow.com or call the BURP LINE at 323-536-2877. It's a voicemail line so you don't need to be nervous about calling. You can support Chip & Zach by subscribing via iTunes or on your iPhone at itunes.makingdadshow.com and leaving us a review. Android users can subscribe by visiting android.makingdadshow.com. Also, be sure to follow Chip and Zach on Twitter @makingdadshow or if you're on the faceebook, join our Facebook Group at facebook.com/makingdad. And here is where we type in keywords: parenting, lactation, pregnancy, smelly diapers, hormones, women giving birth, baby poop, middle-school girl drama, watching WWE with your kids.

info_outline 20 Chip goes skin-to-skin with his newborn, Zach defends equal rights for kids backpacks, and our big announcement! 09/07/2015
info_outline 19 Sesame Street - the unrated cut now on HBO, is it ok to swear in front of your kids, and Zach takes the Teen Quiz! 08/31/2015
info_outline 18 Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Monitor Shootout, DC Villains Promote Literacy... Making Dad #Fatherhood 08/24/2015
info_outline 17 CAN'T MISS travel tips from Zach, what to do when your child attacks you with a machette, and the fast food Bang Bang Bang - Making Dad Show 08/16/2015
info_outline 16 Weird Things Toddlers Do (and why you shouldn't worry), 5 Alternatives to a Baby Shower; Piper’s Nursery Tour 08/10/2015
info_outline 15 Carrie Underwood and not locking your kids in the car, Belly Casting, and Sophie B. Hawkins is Pregnant at 50! 08/03/2015
info_outline 14 Back to School Shopping Guide, Know Your Newborn Skin Conditions, and more! Making Dad Comedy Parenting Podcast 07/27/2015
info_outline 13 Fall Video Game Preview for Parents with Robert Workman, Fireworks to the Face and Safety, Child Vaccination Law (makes for great comedy) Making Dad Comedy Parenting 07/20/2015
info_outline 12 Is it bad to breastfeed with tattoos? Crazy Kid Summer Camps - Making Dad Comedy Parenting Podcast 07/13/2015
info_outline 11 Lactation Cookie Taste Test, Buy Buy Baby Field Trip, Do you kiss on the cheek or lips, Know your Third Trimester and MORE! Making Dad Comedy Parenting Podcast 07/06/2015
info_outline 10 Top Summer Activities, Top 5 Summer Destinations You DON'T Want to Visit, Parks and Recreation, and More! Making Dad Comedy Parenting Podcast 06/29/2015
info_outline 09 Breast Pumping Tips, NoseFrida, King Tuts Toes, #Parenting #Kids #Moms Making Dad 06/22/2015
info_outline 08 Most popular baby names of 2015, play the celebrity baby name game with Zach and Emily - Making Dad Parenting Comedy 06/15/2015
info_outline 07 Kylie Jenner's Lips, Zach's Laundry Tips "The Stain Train" - Making Dad, Parenting, Fatherhood 06/08/2015
info_outline 06 Chip drinks formula, Kathy Robischon, M.D. talks all things baby - Making Dad Comedy Podcast about Fatherhood Parenting 06/01/2015
info_outline 05 Which Disney Princess Are You? We find out! Making Dad Comedy Podcast about Parenting Fatherhood 06/01/2015
info_outline 04 Top 10 Most INSANE Kids Books, Struwwelpeter and other cautionary tales for children (from Deutchland) - Making Dad 04/30/2015
info_outline 03 Showing Star Wars to your kids; Interview - Charlie Cote LCSW Making Dad Comedy Podcast about Fatherhood Parenting 04/30/2015
info_outline 02 Is it a Baby Item, IKEA Furniture, or International Tennis Celebrity? Making Dad Comedy Podcast about Fatherhood 04/30/2015
info_outline 01 The baby food tasting challenge and a return of the original podcasters from 1999! 04/30/2015