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The Man in the Pew Show with Phil Mershon

Man in the Pew helps Christians build an unstoppable faith leading to freedom, connection, & kingdom impact. We do this through daily devotionals, weekly interviews, articles, challenges, groups, and other resources. History Man in the Pew started with a simple thought while Phil prayed on the beaches of Florida's Gulf Coast. Where do Christian men turn to find encouragement and inspiration during the week as they face battles at work, at home, and at play? What if there was a show bringing the voices of experts and everyday men into healthy conversations about the real issues all Christian men face? That vision started developing in January 2015 and has slowly formed into what you see now. My prayer in launching this show is that many men will find encouragement, inspiration and tips for becoming more like Christ in the parts of life that aren't usually discussed at church. Pastors may listen to find insights into how to care better for the men in their flock, but this show isn't primarily for pastors. This show is for "everyday" men led by everyday men who have something important to share with fellow believers. Some of these men are book authors and others will be relatively unknown outside their local sphere of influence. All of them have important things to say. Who is Phil Mershon? Phil Mershon is the founder of Man in the Pew, a ministry of Called to Worship. During the week he serves as director of events for Social Media Examiner, where he has served for nearly seven years in part-time and full-time roles. Phil is also a longtime worship leader, a former pastor, a jazz saxophonist, a songwriter, and a sports nut (basketball, football, and tennis). He has been married to Audrey for twenty one years and they have three children.

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