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Critical Issues in Eyecare: An MD/OD Conversation

In the same spirit that Marco has invested nearly a half century, striving to advance the EyeCare profession with intelligent and relevant diagnostic solutions and automated process efficiencies, Marco is now privileged to be launching a series of Podcast discussions that will directly address the difficult issues that are both engulfing and shaping our industry. Relevant issues that directly impact the lifeblood of Ophthalmology and Optometry- both separately and entwined, will be engaged and challenged. Spirited and meaningful discussions will be led by Nate Bonilla-Warford, OD and Mitch Jackson, MD. Their guests will be vetted in select discussion topics, assured to deliver valuable insights. Please join this Podcast series as we tackle topics that span practice flow challenges, to optimizing patient outcomes, to the future challenges of EyeCare. Regardless of topic, expect all issues to be met with experience, depth, and vigor. REFRACTIVE MARCO PRODUCTS All Marco technologies share a common pedegree. Their benefits all include: robust construction, superior diagnostic discernment, greater practice efficiencies, optimized patient outcomes, and overall, enhanced profitability. Marco’s automated instruments are ergonomically designed, multimodality in function, space saving, and increase office throughput. Greater accuracy in the hands of all trained professionals ensures confidence in delegation and automated data transfer- virtually eliminating transcription errors. Combined, shorter test times and patient verification of new Rx result in more quality time in consults, increased optical revenue (with fewer remakes), and a more rewarding patient experience. All digital Marco devices are linked through ‘Marco Connect’ software, and interface with all major EMR programs.

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info_outline #11 Medical Prescribing of Spectacles Lenses with Kirk Smick, OD 01/07/2015
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