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Mastering Your Wellness

Welcome to the Mastering Your Wellness Podcast - the show dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, get inspired and give you the tools you need to take you where you want to go. Every episode will feature a special guest who I believe has an important story to tell or message to share. Every single one of us has the potential to grow, learn and live the life that we truly desire. I hope that this podcast will help both you and I achieve just that. Throughout the series I'll be covering lots of topics including goal setting, mindset, meditation, stress, anxiety, FOMO, sleep, social media and so much more! So grab your headphones and lets get stuck in!

info_outline Tips on how to become a morning person and start winning your day 09/28/2020
info_outline Minding your mental health online and being happy in real life (and not just on social media) 09/21/2020
info_outline How changing your perspective can change your life. Simple strategies to adopt now 09/14/2020
info_outline Why real change starts from within, following your own path and trusting your own intuition 08/04/2020
info_outline Want to make a real change in your life? 5 pieces of advice you need to hear now 07/29/2020
info_outline The Emotional Impact Of Living Through A Pandemic, What You Can Do To Make It Easier And Why There Is Always Option B 07/21/2020
info_outline Find Yourself Constantly Overthinking? How To Break Free From The Cycle 07/13/2020
info_outline The 5 Types of Imposter Syndrome And How To Stop It Taking Over Your Life 07/06/2020
info_outline How Your Past Doesn't Define You, Living On Purpose & Why Willpower Doesn't Work 06/29/2020
info_outline Fed Up With Your Money Disappearing Every Month?  Learn How To Take Control Of Your Money Without Winning The Lotto! 06/22/2020
info_outline The Pressure We Put On Ourselves, The Impact & What To Do To Get Rid 06/15/2020
info_outline Feeling Overwhelmed By Your To-Do List? Simple Strategies To Put You Back In Control 06/05/2020
info_outline How To Stop Perfectionism From Holding You Back And Why It's Important to Just Start Now 05/28/2020
info_outline From Heroin Addict to University Lecturer - How Change Is Possible With Brian Pennie 05/20/2020
info_outline How To Stop Caring about What Other People Think and Just Do You! 05/15/2020
info_outline Things You Can Do Everyday To Boost Your Confidence & Start Believing in Yourself 05/07/2020
info_outline Adapting To Change, Taking Back Control and Becoming Who You Want To Be 04/30/2020
info_outline Why 95% of Diets Don't Work And How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Food 04/23/2020
info_outline How To Quieten Your Mind And Train Your Brain To Become More Positive 04/09/2020
info_outline Coping With Challenging Times, Calming Anxiety & Growing Through Adversity 04/01/2020
info_outline Controlling The Controllables During Covid19 with Siobhan Murray 03/20/2020
info_outline Protecting Your State of Mind, Managing Your Mood and Focusing on Your Inner Game 03/12/2020
info_outline How To Stare Self Doubt in The Face And Win, Getting Out Of Your Own Way And Believing That You Can 03/04/2020
info_outline Why You're Stronger Than You Think You Are, Knowing Your Worth and Finding The Power Within 02/28/2020
info_outline How Being More Mindful Will Give You The Edge, Improve Your Focus and Make Life Feel Even More Enjoyable with Paddy Brosnan 02/19/2020
info_outline Want To Live A More Fulfilled Life? It's All Down To The Choice You Make 02/12/2020
info_outline How To Stop Falling Into Thinking Traps And Bounce Forwards Not Back with George Anderson 02/05/2020
info_outline How To Say Bye Bye To Busy, Reframe Your Mindset And Take Control Of Your Life 01/29/2020
info_outline The Mindset Shift that Helped Successful Fitness Blogger Maeve Madden Transform her Life (And How You Can Do It Too) 01/22/2020
info_outline Most Popular Ways To Stay Motivated This January ( It's easier thank you think!) 01/15/2020