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The Even While podcast

Welcome to The Even While Podcast, a gathering place for those longing to live life fully in the midst of waiting. We are all waiting on something: a prodigal child to return home, a marriage to be healed, a long dark season to be over, (fill in your own blank________________). If we’re not careful we end up losing our self in the waiting. Forgetting to live, we become oblivious to the fact that even in this season God has a purpose and a plan. He has called us to live the abundant life! Stick around, friends, pull up a chair or turn the volume up on your heads phones and together we will not only discover life but live it, even while waiting well. Here's to cheering you on as we love God, live fully, and learn to dance in a season of wait!

info_outline 144 - How One Long Waiting Season Led To Accepting An Unexpected Invitation 11/03/2021
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