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REAL AF with Andy Frisella

Entrepreneur Andy Frisella and his guests discuss, debate, and laugh their way through trending topics and hot-button issues. (This is also the home of Andy's other show, the top-ranked MFCEO Project Podcast)

info_outline 300. Andy, Cameron Hanes, Sal & DJ CTI: Trump-Russia Lies Approved By Hillary, Elon Musk's Sex Accuser & Biden-Backed W.H.O. Treaty 05/21/2022
info_outline 299. #75HARD vs Kyle "The Captain" Creek 05/20/2022
info_outline 298. Q&AF: Irrelevant Entrepreneurship Focus, Investment Opportunities & Operating Daily For The Big Picture 05/19/2022
info_outline 297. Andy & DJ CTI: Missouri Bill On Ivermectin Effectiveness, Biden Blaming Republicans & BLM Co-Founder Tax Filings 05/18/2022
info_outline 296. Andy & DJ CTI: Chinese Military Audio Leaked, Trump-Russia Trial Opens & Kim Jong Un Lookalike 05/17/2022
info_outline 295. Andy, Ian Smith & DJ CTI: Baby Formula Shortage, Air Force Academy Cadets & Sexual Harassment For Using Wrong Pronouns 05/16/2022
info_outline 294. Dear Men 05/14/2022
info_outline 293. Q&AF: Showing Grace, Mindset Shift For Employees & Overcoming Frustrations With #75HARD 05/13/2022
info_outline 292. Andy & DJ CTI: No Charges For Mike Tyson, House Approves $40B For Ukraine & Jack Dorsey Wishes He Hadn’t Banned Trump 05/12/2022
info_outline 291. Q&AF: Going Door-To-Door, Acquiring A Company & Biggest Destroyer Of Self-Esteem 05/11/2022
info_outline 290. Andy & DJ CTI: Companies Cover Abortion Travel Cost, Clarence Thomas Hits Back & Biden's Disinformation Board 05/10/2022
info_outline 289. Andy & DJ CTI: FDA Restricts J&J, Misdemeanor For Chappelle's Attacker & Antifa Attacks Pregnancy Center 05/07/2022
info_outline 288. American Revival Part 3 Ft. Eric Greitens 05/06/2022
info_outline 287. Andy & DJ CTI: Dave Chappelle Attacked On Stage, Roe V. Wade & CDC Cellphone Data Tracking 05/05/2022
info_outline 286. Q&AF: Power Of Delaying Gratification, Biggest Risk-Taking Mistake & Emotionless Decision Making Process 05/02/2022
info_outline 285. Andy & DJ CTI: Former MO Rep. Dies Of Heart Condition, Nina Jankowicz’s Mary Poppins TikTok & Netflix Begins Layoffs 04/30/2022
info_outline 284. Andy & DJ CTI: Activists At Starbucks, Biden's “Ministry Of Truth” & Poll: Biden To Blame For High Gas Prices 04/29/2022
info_outline 283. Q&AF: Workplace Parties, Transition From S2 To 1st Phorm & Creating Momentum During Complacency 04/27/2022
info_outline 282. Two Things We Need To Do Now To Save America 04/23/2022
info_outline 281. Andy, Topher, Tommy Vext & DJ CTI: Rudy Giuliani's Surprise Appearance, Trump Vs. Piers Morgan & Black Lives Matter? 04/22/2022
info_outline 280. Q&AF: Emotional Purchases, Prenuptial Agreements & Biggest Learning Lesson 04/21/2022
info_outline 279. Andy & DJ CTI: Judge Strikes Down Mask Mandate, Ron DeSantis Threatens Twitter & Easter Bunny Stops Biden 04/20/2022
info_outline 278. Q&AF: Student Loan Forgiveness, Building Culture Remotely & Establishing Partnerships Ft. Vaughn Kohler 04/18/2022
info_outline 277. Andy & DJ CTI: Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover, Pregnant Inmates In NJ & Police Shooting Ft. Tommy Vext 04/16/2022
info_outline 276. The Skewed Balance Of High Performers 04/15/2022
info_outline 275. Q&AF: "All My Employees Quit," Bad Day Or Bad Moment? & The Power Of Manifestation 04/14/2022
info_outline 274. Andy & DJ CTI: Brooklyn Subway Shooter, Transgender Police In UK & BLM's Mansion 04/13/2022
info_outline 273. Andy & DJ CTI: Trump Endorses Dr. Oz, USPS Stops Deliveries In CA & Pfizer Hires 600 Employees 04/12/2022
info_outline 272. Andy, Mike Yoder & DJ CTI: Elon Musk's Twitter Shares, Texas Transporting Migrants To DC & California DA's Warning 04/08/2022
info_outline 271. American Revival Part 2 Ft. Eric Greitens 04/07/2022