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Miami Now: a generation ñ podcast

Miami Now features interviews with the people at work on making Miami awesome, exciting, innovative and worth celebrating. From the arts to sports, to community energy and local excitement - Miami Now goes in-depth , to talk to the South Floridians fostering the positive, provocative, impactful ideas that boost our area - it's about the Miami you need to know about, and is hosted/created by Bill Teck, founder of generation ñ and lifelong Miamian and 305 alumni.

info_outline Nite Owl Theater: The Radical Moviegoing Experience that Miami Deserves 07/17/2018
info_outline Que Pasa USA Today Part 1 05/24/2018
info_outline John Leland: Happiness Is a Choice You Make 05/21/2018
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info_outline John Capouya , Florida Soul music and Sunshine State R & B 11/16/2017
info_outline Frankie Marcos, Clouds and the Miami Sound 10/30/2017
info_outline Luis Bofill on Arsenio Rodriguez 06/08/2017
info_outline DJ Le Spam Andrew Yeomanson on Spam All Stars, Analog, Record Collecting, City of Progress and Miami 04/30/2017
info_outline Miami Now: Give Miami Day and The Miami Foundation with Javier Alberto Soto 11/13/2016
info_outline Miami Now: Miami Book Fair with Lissette Mendez 11/13/2016