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The Military Wallet Podcast with Ryan Guina

The Military Wallet podcast is a weekly podcast that was created to bring the latest news and information in military and veterans benefits. This is the place to come for up to date information on current benefits programs for active duty members, retirees, members of the Guard and Reserves, veterans, and their family members. We cover topics such as pay & benefits, pensions, VA disability claims, VA Loans, GI Bill, Thrift Savings Plan, and much more.

info_outline TMW 032: Disney Military Discounts and Shades of Green Resort 10/02/2017
info_outline TMW 031: Military Life Insurance 09/12/2017
info_outline TMW 030: Military Discharge Upgrade 03/15/2017
info_outline TMW 029: How to Automate Your Finances 02/17/2017
info_outline TMW 028: Tricare Roundtable - The Good, The Bad, and How to Improve TRICARE 12/06/2016
info_outline TMW 027: Thrift Savings Plan Contributions 11/18/2016
info_outline TMW 026: Guard & Reserve Retirement Points 09/19/2016
info_outline TMW 025: VA Disability Claim Myths 08/10/2016
info_outline TMW 024: Survivor Benefits Plan 06/30/2016
info_outline TMW 023: Hale Koa Hotel & Resort in Hawaii 06/21/2016
info_outline TMW 022: How Long Should You Keep Military Records? Forever. 04/29/2016
info_outline TMW 021: Buy Back Military Time for Civil Service Retirement Credits 04/01/2016
info_outline TMW 020: Post-9/11 GI Bill Transfer 03/09/2016
info_outline TMW 019: Starting a Business - an Interview with Todd Conner from Bunker Labs 10/27/2015
info_outline TMW 018: Health Care after Leaving Military Service 09/01/2015
info_outline TMW 017: Military to Civilian Transition Tips 05/06/2015
info_outline TMW 016: Can You Get Out of the Military Early? 04/04/2015
info_outline TMW 015: Is the Military Still a Good Career Option? 02/26/2015
info_outline TMW 014: Using the Post-9/11 GI Bill 02/23/2015
info_outline TMW 013: Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission Proposals 02/01/2015
info_outline TMW 012: How to Get a Medical Waiver to Join the Military 01/19/2015
info_outline TMW 011: Guard and Reserve Retirement Benefits 01/12/2015
info_outline TMW 010: Active Duty Military Retirement Benefits 12/13/2014
info_outline TMW 009: Should You Join Guard or Reserves After Active Duty? 11/20/2014
info_outline TMW 008: Military Tuition Assistance & Taking Classes While on Active Duty 11/13/2014
info_outline TMW 007: Planning Your Military Exit - Even if You Don't Know When it Will Be 11/04/2014
info_outline TMW 006: Should You Join the Military? 10/29/2014
info_outline TMW 005: Benefits of Joining the Military 10/22/2014
info_outline TMW 004: VA Math - Combined VA Disability Ratings 10/15/2014
info_outline TMW 003: Force Shaping and Involuntary Separations 10/08/2014