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Mind Your Mental

A podcast that seeks to educate, empower, and uplift those seeking guidance through the monumental world of mental health. Join Dr. Raquel Martin as she discusses how she manages her mental health and the mental health of others as a therapist.

info_outline Disconnecting to Connect 12/05/2019
info_outline The Evolution of Friendships 11/21/2019
info_outline Black Men and Mental Health 11/07/2019
info_outline Facets of Stress 10/24/2019
info_outline Substance Use, Coping, & Mental Health 10/10/2019
info_outline Welcome Back to Mind Your Mental 09/23/2019
info_outline Learning to Cope 05/24/2019
info_outline Fear & Panic 05/16/2019
info_outline Mommin Aint Easy 05/10/2019
info_outline Train Your Brain 05/02/2019
info_outline Mind Body Connection 04/19/2019
info_outline As Much A Part of Me As My Own Skin 04/11/2019
info_outline Therapy is for US 04/05/2019
info_outline Time to See the Doc 03/28/2019
info_outline You Are Entitled to Success 03/21/2019
info_outline Load Up Your Value Pack 03/12/2019
info_outline Welcome to Mind Your Mental 03/09/2019