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Are you working on your business, or are you working in your business? Your business should be designed to serve you, the owner. Get ready to laugh, cry and have your mind exploded by the CNC Bearded Brothers from MMM-USA Geordan, Nace, and co-host Donnie. They take time to discuss the good, the bad, the funny, and the ugly in the American manufacturing. Interviewing owners of massive companies to the Dreamer building a business in a 2 car garage with the help of family and friends. Taking all the victories and mistakes made by those that have already traveled this path of entrepreneurship. Breaking it down into small steps and repeatable systems in order to help grow your business. The goal is to bring free, entertaining and helpful information all that dare listen. You have to bring the BOOM if you're going to win! BOOM!!! B - Big O - Overwhelming O - Optimistic M - Momentum

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