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MOM FLAILS PODCAST is North America's #1 'WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN' Podcast! It's time to find your voice. Week by week, Host, Laura Fox, Badass Momboss, Published Author, Course Creator, Product Inventor & Coach turns all her messes into her messages to save you blood, sweat, and time; to help you see that there's no failing...there's only flailing! Laura hit rock bottom last year and she finally found her voice.... Have you your rock bottom yet? How do I raise awesome kids and keep my job? How can I grow my business? How can I make more money? How can I get out of toxic relationships & feel free? How can I spend more time with my family? How can I get away from unsupportive people? What are some ideas to create an asset with recurring revenue? How do I build my dream team? How can I protect my kids from bullying? How can I homeschool when I'm not a teacher? How do I grow my business? What internet systems and knowledge do I need to get started? How can I get my body back?! I'd love to write a book, where do I begin? What's the fastest way to get 'it' all done? Am I good enough? It's time you put yourself first and follow your BIG Dreams! As moms and women, we don't fail, we flail, so tomorrow we can prevail! #MOMFLAILS is about running a successful business and household with a freakin' skip in our step! It's time us amazing women have a platform to really share our stories....our flailures! Week after week, host Laura Fox, Author, Inventor, Business Consultant & Coach and Guests will share current and relevant tips and tricks on all things Business - Health - Wealth Creation - Internet Related - Marketing - Mindset - Motivational - Education - High Performance - Relationships - Family & KIDS! So, what do you say! Ready to grab the bull by the horns and ride it? Scan the QR code in the image to join our exclusive invite only club. To connect with guests in the show or myself, fill out the form at www.momflails.com or send me an email at [email protected] Even though it doesn't always feel like it, in this club, you're in control!

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