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The Mom Squad Show

The Mom Squad Show - is a witty, edgy and modern perspective on life from Two Moms, Two Journalists, Two Hosts and Two Friends. Straight from the Kyra’s kitchen and Christine’s home studio these two smart and zany moms discuss news of the day, pop culture, mommy hood and men in a way that will make you laugh, think and be inspired. There’s no makeup, no hair dresser, and no frills just real moms, real life.

info_outline The Moms are back with exciting news and stories!!! 03/01/2017
info_outline The Moms Talk about The Election, Debates, Roller Skating & Kyra's Daughter Sings Taylor Swift 10/31/2016
info_outline The Moms Talk About The Emmy's, Donald Trump Jr's Tweet, Federal Court Judge Robin Camp's Offensive Remarks, 09/21/2016
info_outline The Moms Talk About The Burke Ramsey Interview With Dr. Phil, Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest, DWTS Ryan Lochte Protesters 09/14/2016
info_outline The Moms discuss Kurt Metzgers rants on Facebook, how judges in rape cases are way too lenient, video of 10 year old girl pulled from earthquake rubble in Italy 08/26/2016
info_outline The Moms discuss singing 4th grade teachers, US olympics swimmers, The amazing Courtney Cox 08/25/2016
info_outline The Moms talk about Blake Shelton's terrible tweets, public vs. private school, a new treatment for depression and so much more! 08/24/2016
info_outline The Mom's are back from their little Summer Break with a lot to talk about! 08/11/2016
info_outline The Moms Talk About Kyra's New Special, Cincinnati Gorilla Shot at The Zoo, Who Bought The Playboy Mansion, Miss USA, ABBA & More 06/13/2016
info_outline Memorial Day Show, The Moms Talk About The Baylor Scandal, The Spelling Bee 05/28/2016
info_outline The Moms Talk About Madonna's Tribute to Prince, How to Avoid Long TSA Lines 05/27/2016
info_outline The Moms Talk Spicy Monks and Gwen and Blakes Spicy Duet & Much More 05/25/2016
info_outline Happy Mother Day Show, #TremendousTrey, Mom's Prince Tribute, Time Magazine 50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time 05/06/2016
info_outline Kyra and Christine discuss the ACMA's, Guns N Roses Stories, Women's Soccer Players Deserve Equal Pay 04/06/2016
info_outline April Fools Show, Christine makes an 8 year bet with Kyra 04/01/2016
info_outline Kelly Clarkson's performance on American Idol, Cheryl Tiegs is in HOT water, Coffee may save your liver, and the history of WIGS! 03/08/2016
info_outline 9 Famous Songs With Seriously Misunderstood Meanings, People Magazine's Sexiest Dad, Where Is Barry Manilow 02/20/2016
info_outline Happy National Umbrella Day and Happy Chinese New Year. 02/12/2016
info_outline Kyra's Hubby makes a surprise visit to the show from New Hampshire just as they are talking #trumpertantrum now #marcomentum 02/05/2016
info_outline The Mom's are fired up about Flint Michigan, A Mom giving a Dad an Ultimatum, American Idol, and much more 01/22/2016
info_outline Happy Friday The Mom's Talk #Americanidol, #LettertoBlairWalsh3, & Much More 01/15/2016
info_outline Happy New Year, The Mom's are back! 01/10/2016
info_outline People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive, Charlie Sheen, Best Black Friday Deals & How to talk to your kids about tradgedy! 11/23/2015
info_outline Special Veterans Day Show 11/11/2015
info_outline The Moms Talk Halloween, CMA Awards and welcome back regular squad member Nicole Witt 11/10/2015
info_outline Back to The Future, Lamar Odom, Teaching our kids laws regarding sex crimes 10/26/2015
info_outline A very speial show with a tribute to Kyra's Dad Ben!! 09/28/2015
info_outline *Bonus Segment* Kyra shares audio of her husband with Bill O'Reilly 07/23/2015
info_outline The Moms Celebrate The 4th of July 07/22/2015
info_outline Incase you missed our LIVE special with Damian Holbrook from TV Guide Magazine here it is again! 07/09/2015