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The Morning Would Show

Fusing together entertainment and enlightenment, The Morning Would Show gets you up and going! Start your week off with a laugh, a fresh perspective, and a deep breath of relief about all the crazy, weird and amazing things that make us human. We all think we’re a little flawed, we may think we need to be “fixed,” we walk the path less traveled. What makes you, YOU, is what makes you brilliant. Don’t believe it yet? You will. Join self-proclaimed self-development expert and goddess in training Tina Dietz and her collection of creative friends, colleagues and experts for inspiration and insight as they explore all facets of being human - success, money, creativity, spirituality, power, health, sex, relationships and more. We tackle it all here on The Morning Would Show. Visit https://morningwouldshow.com so we can tell you how fabulous you look today and give you presents, as well as all the details about our episodes and adventures.

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