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MyMediaDiary Podcast

Podcast for MyMediaDiary.com, a blog of creative writing jump-started by media. Produced by Kevin Walsh, Royal Oak, Michigan.

info_outline 20 Years of Arizona Charter Schools 10/02/2017
info_outline Detroit Blues Society 07/13/2016
info_outline Archivist Round 2 with Digging Detroit 04/07/2016
info_outline Fascinating Women of Michigan History - 2 of 2 03/22/2016
info_outline Fascinating Women of Michigan History - 1 of 2 03/08/2016
info_outline Detroit in WWII - Author Gregory Sumner 10/21/2015
info_outline Playwright Frank Anthony Polito and B.F.s! 09/25/2015
info_outline MMD - Archivist Roundtable with Digging Detroit 08/07/2015
info_outline Launching (and Maintaining) a Blog and Podcast 06/15/2015
info_outline GM's "Google Years" of Designers Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell 04/16/2015
info_outline MMD: Fathers, Daughters, Wedding Songs & Horse Racing 03/26/2015
info_outline Oscar Experts Post-Op - 2015 02/26/2015
info_outline From Choir Class to Rock Stage 02/16/2015
info_outline OSU's Urban-Renewal, Harbaugh & the Tigers 01/19/2015
info_outline Dodge, Detroit & Women in Industry 01/11/2015
info_outline Detroit From Above - NYT Aerial Photographer Alex S. MacLean 01/08/2015
info_outline Life Lessons & Sound FX 12/23/2014
info_outline MyMediaDiary: De-Agonizing the Essay 12/10/2014
info_outline MyMediaDiary: Marketing Guru, Sandy Barris 11/05/2014
info_outline MMD: FLoods, Insurance & Ethics 10/07/2014
info_outline MyMediaDiary: Breaking Through as a Novelist 09/11/2014
info_outline "The Fourth Wall" 07/09/2014
info_outline Not Your Father's GOP 07/01/2014
info_outline Driving Friday: Making it as a Detroit Bar Band 04/30/2014
info_outline The Best Week in Sports--or at least most optimistic 04/02/2014
info_outline NCAA Hoops & Hype 03/26/2014
info_outline Post-Op of the 2014 Oscars 03/05/2014
info_outline Oscars Predictions with MyMediaDiary Contributor, Sheri Horwitz 02/27/2014
info_outline Interview with Doug Geiger - Beard-Expert/Entrepreneur 02/17/2014
info_outline MyMediaDiary: The Badass Teacher Association - Interview with leaders Marla Kilfoyle and Melissa Tomlinson 01/26/2014