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My Seven Chakras With AJ

How to Meditate? What is Ayurveda? What are Chakras? What is Spirituality? How do I learn Reiki? What is Energy Healing? What is Chakra balancing? How do I tap into my Intuition? How do I lose weight naturally? How to begin my Yoga practice? How do I find my life purpose or calling? If these questions have been running through your mind, then you're in the right place. My Seven Chakras is a podcast that digs deep into the ancient world to uncover nuggets of wisdom and polish them with the power of Science and research. Our show is not only about providing you knowledge, but encouraging you to take massive action that will finally enable a change! The responses to each of the insightful and thought provoking questions asked during the show will provide you key takeaways on how to improve your life physically, mentally and spiritually. Our show includes an exciting rapid-fire round called the wisdom round during which they share key nuggets of wisdom such as their morning ritual, a powerful habit, a transformational book and much more! If you love Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Jay Shetty, Joe Dispenza, Anodea Judith or Vishen Lakhiani, you're going to love our show!

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