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CRIC Podcast

Members and friends of the CNO's Rapid Innovation Cell (CRIC) discuss their projects and how to grow a culture of innovation within the Navy and military at large.

info_outline 37: CRIC Director CDR Ben Salazar 09/07/2014
info_outline 36: Question and Answer Session 08/18/2014
info_outline 35: Robotics with Paul Scharre of CNAS 08/10/2014
info_outline 34: Connecting People with Lyndsay Westby-Gibson 08/02/2014
info_outline 33: Question Everything with LT Jason Knudson 07/27/2014
info_outline 32: 5 Sales Techniques to Increase Your Influence 07/20/2014
info_outline 31: Innovation in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) World 07/13/2014
info_outline 30: Celestial Navigation Revised with LT William Hughes 07/06/2014
info_outline 29: Deckplate Entrepreneurship with DC1 Nisha Witt 06/29/2014
info_outline 28: Navy Retention with CDR Guy "Bus" Snodgrass 06/22/2014
info_outline 27: From Troubleshooter to Innovator with FC2 Mike Owen 06/15/2014
info_outline 26: Crowdsourcing Wargames with Chris Kona and LT Matt Hipple 06/08/2014
info_outline 25: Veterans Administration and the EVA app with LT Diptee 06/01/2014
info_outline 24: The Future of Drones with Kelsey Atherton 05/25/2014
info_outline 23: History of Naval Innovation with LCDR Claude Berube 05/18/2014
info_outline 22: Enlisted Innovator Saves Millions with AT1 Rich Walsh 05/11/2014
info_outline 21: Crowdsourcing Innovation with Pete Stephens 05/04/2014
info_outline 20: Augmented and Virtual Reality with LT Josh Steinman 04/27/2014
info_outline 19: How to Win a $250 Million Wargame with Lt Gen Paul van Riper, USMC (Ret) 04/07/2014
info_outline 18: More 3D Printing and Life Hacks with LT Benjamin Kohlmann 03/16/2014
info_outline 17: Mentorship with Information Warfare's Mario Vulcano 03/09/2014
info_outline 16: Next War's LT Matt Hipple on Social Media 01/19/2014
info_outline 15: Disrupting the IDC Reserves with LTjg Kevin Schmidt 01/13/2014
info_outline 14: Combating Military Suicides thru Design Thinking with LT Darryl Diptee 01/06/2014
info_outline 13: Give Yourself Permission to Act with CDR Sean Heritage 01/02/2014
info_outline 12: Doing More with Less with Coast Guard LT Heather Bacon-Shone 12/30/2013
info_outline 11: Front Line Improvisation with Capt Jerry Lademan, USMC 12/26/2013
info_outline 10: Creating a Culture of Innovation with CDR Rich LeBron 12/23/2013
info_outline 9: What is the CRIC? 12/15/2013
info_outline 8: Tapping the Deckplates for Innovation with LT Dave Nobles 12/12/2013