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Viva La Nerd podcast

Lisa and Cristy are nerdpunk girls who are sisters. Lisa is crafty and DIY who enjoys zombies, Doctor Who and all things Victorian. Cristy is a bit of a tomboy who likes graphic novels. Together they have lots of fun teasing each other and want to share the fun with you.

info_outline VLN - Life, Halt and Catch Fire 04/02/2017
info_outline VLN - Westworld RR 12/06/2016
info_outline VLN - Fantastic Beasts 11/29/2016
info_outline VLN - Arrival 11/22/2016
info_outline VLN - Doctor Strange 11/14/2016
info_outline VLN - West World 10/24/2016
info_outline VLN - Tomorrowland, I Origins 10/13/2016
info_outline VLN - Stranger Things, Suicide Squad 10/05/2016
info_outline VLN - Penny Dreadful, Cloud Atlas 09/28/2016
info_outline VLN - Fear the Walking Dead, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Midnight Special 09/23/2016
info_outline VLN - Ghostbusters, Slasher, GOT 09/07/2016
info_outline VLN - Pandemic, iZombie, GOT 08/16/2016
info_outline Monsters Part I 08/02/2016
info_outline Zombies, Vampires and Alf Oh My!! 07/27/2016
info_outline Who's Got the Power? 07/11/2016
info_outline VLN - TECH EPISODE - Silicon Valley, IT Crowd 10/02/2015
info_outline VLN - Monsters! Pt 1. 07/31/2015
info_outline Throwback Friday? - Daredevil & Lost Girl S5 07/24/2015