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Neurology® Podcast

The Neurology Podcast provides practical information for neurologists and clinicians to practice the best possible medicine for patients. Examining methods and findings in peer-reviewed journals, the show provides insights that impact clinical practice and patient care. From the journal Neurology and the American Academy of Neurology, providing education and expert analysis since 2007.

info_outline Update on PML 09/21/2023
info_outline NINDS Health Equity Efforts 09/18/2023
info_outline An Updated Round Table Discussion on FND: Sharing a Diagnosis and Treatment 09/14/2023
info_outline Effects of Cerebrovascular and Lewy Pathology on Parkinsonian Signs 09/11/2023
info_outline Variation in Endpoints for FDA Approved Migraine Therapies 09/07/2023
info_outline Longitudinal Brain Changes in Fighters with Traumatic Encephalopathy Syndrome 09/01/2023
info_outline September 2023 Neurology Recall: Topics in ALS 09/01/2023
info_outline Autoimmune Encephalitis Series: The Importance of Longitudinal Care 08/31/2023
info_outline An Updated Round Table Discussion on FND: How and Why Does FND Occur? 08/28/2023
info_outline Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension 08/24/2023
info_outline Using Brain Network Mapping in Lesion-Related Epilepsy 08/21/2023
info_outline A Neurologist’s Experience as a Patient with ALS 08/17/2023
info_outline Autoimmune Encephalitis Series: Expanding the Differential 08/14/2023
info_outline Autoimmune Encephalitis Series: A Rationale Approach to Diagnostics and Interpretation 08/10/2023
info_outline Autoimmune Encephalitis Series: Advancing the Science 08/07/2023
info_outline An Updated Round Table Discussion on FND: Diagnosis of FND and New Phenotypes 08/03/2023
info_outline August 2023 Neurology Recall: Functional Neurologic Disorders 08/02/2023
info_outline AAN President Elect Testified Before House Subcommittee on New Alzheimer Treatment 07/31/2023
info_outline Elamipretide for Mytochondrial Myopathy 07/27/2023
info_outline Sarepta Announces FDA Approval of ELEVIDYS 07/24/2023
info_outline New Treatment for IDH mt Gliomas 07/20/2023
info_outline Patient-Assistance Programs, Kickbacks, and the Courts 07/17/2023
info_outline Dual Antiplatelet Therapy vs Alteplase for Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke 07/13/2023
info_outline Clinico-radiologic and Pathological Evaluation of Corticobasal Syndrome 07/10/2023
info_outline Simulation-Based Planning of ALS Trials 07/05/2023
info_outline CSF Findings Across GBS 07/03/2023
info_outline July 2023 Neurology Recall: Social Determinants of Health in Neurology 06/30/2023
info_outline What’s New in Migraine? AHS Updates 06/29/2023
info_outline Pivotal Stroke Trials Presented at this Year’s ESOC 06/26/2023
info_outline Economic Cost of Functional Neurologic Disorders 06/22/2023