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News Not Noise

I’m Jessica Yellin, the founder of News Not Noise. For years, I worked in network news at ABC, MSNBC, and CNN, where I was the Chief White House Correspondent. I’ve reported from around the world and won awards. The more years I got under my belt as a reporter, the more I became convinced that the news doesn't speak to a large part of the audience. In the summer of 2018, I did something different. The midterm elections were approaching and friends asked me to explain what the heck was happening in the political cycle. So, I picked up my phone and began posting short, daily explainer videos on Instagram. What started with me and a ring light is now a small team, dedicated to giving you news in a different voice. We aim to provide facts, not panic attacks. We interview real experts — not pundits. My goal is to provide the understanding you need to engage in the conversation and take action in the world.

info_outline Introducing News Not Noise 09/14/2021