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The Nick DiPaolo Show

In this day of watered down comedy Nick Di Paolo's brutally honest performances remind us of what great stand up should be - funny, socially relevant and a little bit reckless. His strong political opinions and razor wit make him a perfect fit for talk radio. He hosted his own shows on New York’s 92.3 Free FM, co-hosted “The Nick & Artie Show” and “The Nick Di Paolo Show” on SiriusXM. Catch Nick on “The Nick Di Paolo Show” now streaming LIVE M-Th 11:00am ET. He has performed on The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Conan O’ Brien. He was twice nominated for an Emmy for his writing on HBO’s The Chris Rock Show. He has also had three half hour standup specials on Comedy Central, a Showtime Special “Raw Nerve”, a self released special “Another Senseless Killing” “Inflammatory” and his newest and most controversial release “A Breath of Fresh Air” in 2019. He was one of the stars on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and a stand out on many Comedy Central Roasts. Not limited to stand-up, radio and writing, he has had acting roles on FX’s Louie, Inside Amy Schumer, The Sopranos, Cop Show and CK’s critically acclaimed Horace and Pete as well as many other sitcoms.

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