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The Nomad Together Podcast | Location Independent Families & Digital Nomad Families

Want to be a Digital Nomad Family or a Location Independent Family, or even a internationaly traveling family? Paul and Becky Kortman a location independent couple with 4 kids bring the insight and support needed for todays location independent nomads, families, business owners and workers who travel as a lifestyle or are just considering it. We cover topics like Digital Nomads, Homeschool, Worldschool, Unschool, International Banking, Visa, Flag Theory, International travel, raising kids internationally, TCK and more! Paul and Becky have traveled and lived the nomadic lifestyle both as a couple and after having 4 kids as a family. Becky writes for multiple blogs while unschooling/worldschooling and homeschooling the 4 Kortman kids. Paul is an entrepreneur who runs multiple location independent businesses. Listen for ways in which you too can become a location independent family. Read more at http://nomadtogether.com

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