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Parenting Our Future

Parents! We CAN change the world, starting with the way we're parenting our future. Up to this point in history, children have been seen as less than and parented in a way that uses power over a child. Most of us were parented in this way but there is a shift in thinking about the way we raise our kids. Parents don’t feel good about using shame, blame, criticism, punishments, and even rewards, to get their kids to listen. Parents are wanting a different way because they know from their own childhoods this type of parenting hurts and leaves us with scars we take with us through our adulthood. Each one of my episodes is designed to help you navigate the difficult journey of parenting but in a way that is more peaceful and intentional. I’ll show you how to get your kids to listen and cooperate without yelling, punishments and rewards. I’ll show you how to understand your own feelings and those of your kids. My intention is to bring you to a place where you feel connected with your kids and yourself (we often get lost when we become parents!). Tune in weekly for all the inside tips, tools and tricks I teach my private clients to help you build the family you always wanted, and to become the parent you always envisioned you would be. I promise to provide you with fun and entertaining content that will leave you seeing your kids and your reactions in a whole new light! Please make sure to share the episodes that give you goosebumps, and leave you feeling inspired! I am always grateful for every person who subscribes, leaves a review and rates my podcast 5 stars.

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