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Pillar Leaders | Building the World's Most Resilient Leaders

Life happens. And as a leader, your ability to perform under stress and bounce back from the difficulties around you will be one of your defining characteristics. You'll either be the person people avoid when the going gets tough, or the one people turn to for guidance and support. Which side of the reputation curve you fall on will depend on your own resilience. A skill that thankfully, can be learned. This is a podcast for leaders who are working in stressful environments, who want to be able to keep their emotions in check and perform at their best. For the moments both big and small, when life happens. On each episode you'll get to join conversations between the dynamic trio at Pillar Leaders: Dr. Mike Larson, Amelia Strother, and Pili Christensen. With expertise in psychology, communication, and culture-building respectively, these three offer unique perspectives on the science and skills of resilience, and how it applies to leadership. If you like what you heard and want to improve your own resilience, start by taking our free resilience assessment! It will help you discover your resilience strengths and weaknesses, so that you can understand what skills to develop in order to get back to your best, faster. Get your 3 Key Resilience Scores now at pillarleaders.com/resilienceassessment.

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