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Pints With Aquinas

If you could sit down with St. Thomas Aquinas over a pint of beer and ask him any one question, what would it be? Every episode of Pints With Aquinas revolves around a question, a question that St. Thomas addresses in his most famous work, The Summa Theologica. So get your geek on, pull up a bar stool, and grab a cold one. Here we go!

info_outline 199: How to Live an Ordered Life in Quarantine 03/31/2020
info_outline 198: Matt Walsh on Trump, The Democrats, and Transgenderism & MORE! 03/24/2020
info_outline 197: Why The 7 Sacraments? W/ Fr. Gregory Pine 03/17/2020
info_outline The Infestation (a short story) 03/15/2020
info_outline 196: Protestantism, Contingency, and D&D W/ Cameron Bertuzzi 03/10/2020
info_outline 195: Marian Devotion W/ Fr. Gregory Pine 03/03/2020
info_outline 194: Byzantine Catholics, Eastern Orthodoxy, and The Schism! W/ Fr. Michael O'Loughlin 02/25/2020
info_outline A Meditation for Lent by St. Thomas Aquinas 02/24/2020
info_outline 193: How YOU Can Prepare for Lent W/ Fr. Gregory Pine 02/18/2020
info_outline 192: Thomism, indulgences, and the Mother of God, W/ Fr. Gregory Pine 02/11/2020
info_outline 191: Explaining the Trinity ... Without Being a Heretic 02/04/2020
info_outline 190: Debating Atheists, Priestly Celibacy, and More W/ Dr. William Lane Craig 01/28/2020
info_outline 189: 19 Metaphysical terms you should know! W/ Fr. Gregory Pine 01/21/2020
info_outline A Beer Drinking, Aquinas Studying, Restful Retreat (& Dr. Craig Stuff) 01/18/2020
info_outline 188: Apologetics Extravaganza W/ Trent Horn 01/14/2020
info_outline BIG NEWS! 01/11/2020
info_outline 187: How to be gentle with yourself W/ St. Francis De Sales 01/07/2020
info_outline 186: Happy New Year!!! W/ Cameron Fradd 12/31/2019
info_outline 185: A Fireside Chat With Fr. Gregory Pine 12/23/2019
info_outline 184: The Art of Accompaniment, with Fr. Chris Pietraszko 12/17/2019
info_outline Regarding My Heretical Nonsense ... 12/11/2019
info_outline 183: Jesus Christ: Lord, Liar, Lunatic, or Legend? (Apostles Creed #3) 12/10/2019
info_outline 182: Dare We Hope That All Men Be saved? W/ Fr. Gregory Pine 12/03/2019
info_outline BONUS | The Thanksgiving Episode, W/ Cameron Fradd 11/27/2019
info_outline 181: The Morality of Meat Eating W/ Fr. Chris Pietraszko 11/26/2019
info_outline 180: The Jesus Prayer 11/19/2019
info_outline BONUS | Jason Evert | The Matt Fradd Show 11/18/2019
info_outline 179: 3 Arguments Against Polytheism (Apostles Creed #2) 11/12/2019
info_outline 178: Would Aquinas smoke pot? W/ Fr. Gregory Pine 11/05/2019
info_outline BONUS: Me and the Mrs Answer YOUR Questions 11/04/2019