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Pixar Post Podcast: Animation News, Interviews & Reviews

The Pixar Post Podcast is a natural extension of our website (www.pixarpost.com) and is run by the husband and wife team of T.J. and Julie. We will discuss all thing Pixar Animation Studios - from news, rumors, merchandise, reviews, interviews, Pixar history and much more. This family-friendly show is presented in an entertaining, positive and upbeat manner. Please note - this Podcast is not affiliated with Pixar Animation Studios.

info_outline Podcast #66: Does 'Toy Story 4' Have The Most Easter Eggs of Any Film...Ever? Dive Into All The Fine Details With Craig Foster, Ling Tu, and Alex Marino 05/21/2019
info_outline Podcast #65: 15 Facts We Learned About Toy Story 4 While Chatting With Josh Cooley & Mark Nielsen 05/01/2019
info_outline Podcast #64: Interview with 'Incredibles 2' Script Supervisor, Kelly Bonbright, Toy Story 4 News & More 04/08/2019
info_outline Podcast #63: Are Pixar Feature Film Short Films Still Happening, Toy Story 4 News, SparkShorts and More 03/15/2019
info_outline Podcast #62: Our Interview with 'Bao' Composer, Toby Chu, Details about 'Purl' and Much More. 08/16/2018
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 061: Our Spoiler-Free 'Incredibles 2' Film Review & Our Candid Take on John Lasseter's Exit From Pixar 06/11/2018
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 060: The Worlds of 'Incredibles 2' - Our Interview with Pixar Artists, Ralph Eggleston, Bryn Imagire, Philip Metschan & Nathan Farris 06/01/2018
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 059: Incredibles 2 Discussion with Brad Bird, Nicole Grindle & John Walker - Go Behind the Scenes 04/16/2018
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 058: Interview with Co-Director Adrian Molina & Lead Story Artist Dean Kelly (& More Coco, Cars 3 & Incredibles 2 News) 10/13/2017
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 057: Sit Down with Coco's Filmmakers - Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina & Darla K. Anderson 08/28/2017
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 056: Coco News, Cars 3 at the Box Office & Much More 08/10/2017
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 055: How the 'Cars 3' Effects Team Tackled The Dirty Problem of Mud 06/01/2017
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 054: Crafting the Character of 'Cars 3' with Jay Shuster, Jude Brownbill, Michael Comet & More 05/24/2017
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 053: AutFest (Autism Festival) to Honor 'Inside Out' & our Interview with Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera 04/20/2017
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 052: 'Cars 3' News & Merchandise, 'Ask Pixar Post' Segment, & Many More Pixar News Updates 02/24/2017
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 051: 'Lou', 'Piper' at the Annie Awards, 'Cars 3' Merchandise & Much More 02/10/2017
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 050: Interview with Pixar Employee Beth Sullivan (Metal Fan Art), Coco Updates & Much More 10/20/2016
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 049: 'Lou' Teaser Discussion, Watch 'Piper' for Free, the Toy Story Vans Collection & More 10/07/2016
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 048: How 'Piper' Was Crafted To Perfection - Our Interview with Director, Alan Barillaro & 'Finding Dory' Review 06/29/2016
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 047: 'Coco' animation begins, 'Finding Dory' and 'Piper' news & much more 04/13/2016
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 046: Interview with 'The Good Dinosaur' Directing Animator, Rob Thompson & Animator, Kevin O'Hara and much more 01/14/2016
info_outline Pixar Post Podcast 045: Interview with Story Supervisor Kelsey Mann & Screenwriter Meg LeFauve of 'The Good Dinosaur' 12/15/2015
info_outline Episode 044 of the Pixar Post Podcast - 'Toy Story That Time Forgot' Interview & Easter Egg Chat with Director, Steve Purcell 11/14/2015
info_outline Episode 043 of the Pixar Post Podcast - Our Studio Visit to Discuss 'The Good Dinosaur', Sharon Calahan Interview & much more 10/28/2015
info_outline Episode 042 of the Pixar Post Podcast - Everything Disney Infinity 3.0 08/27/2015
info_outline Episode 041 of the Pixar Post Podcast - D23 Expo Wrap-Up, One-on-One Interview with 'Lava' Director, Jim Murphy & More 08/24/2015
info_outline Episode 040 of the Pixar Post Podcast - Our Chat with 'Inside Out' Character Lighting Lead Angelique Reisch, 'The Good Dinosaur' Trailer, Disney Infinity 3.0 & More 07/21/2015
info_outline Episode 039 of the Pixar Post Podcast - Our Chat with 'Inside Out' Dir. of Photography Patrick Lin, 'The Good Dinosaur' Teaser & More 06/04/2015
info_outline Episode 038 of the Pixar Post Podcast - John Lasseter's "New Audience" Speech, News of the Week & More 05/15/2015
info_outline Episode 037 of the Pixar Post Podcast - Our Chat with Ralph Eggleston, Discussion of 'Sanjay's Super Team' & More 04/30/2015