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Point of No Return podcast

By the time you finish listening to this sentence, technology will have removed another obstacle between you and your vision. Exponential progress in technology is assured, however right strategy to execute is in doubt. Welcome to the point of no return podcast, a show about the intersection of technology, strategy and the how leaders can increase their velocity.

info_outline Escape Velocity with Adrian Schauer, Co-Founder & CEO @ Alayacare 05/20/2022
info_outline Accelerating your career with Tiffany Uman, Career Strategy Coach and Founder 05/13/2022
info_outline Fighting bias in media with Genevieve Guay, CEO @ DentsuX and President, Dentsu Quebec 05/06/2022
info_outline Episode 200: The Founders with Jimmy Soni, Author & Speechwriter 04/29/2022
info_outline Investing in impact with Daniel Armali, Principal @ Amplify Capital 04/27/2022
info_outline Mastering the metaverse with Bertrand Nepveu, Co-Founding Partner @ Triptyq Capital 04/21/2022
info_outline Passionate about entrepreneurship with Liette Lamonde, Managing Director @ Startup Montréal 04/20/2022
info_outline Fighting the great resignation with Lucas Martinez, Co-Founder & Co-CEO @ Talent.com 04/14/2022
info_outline Accelerating and propelling startups with Richard Chenier, CEO @ Centech 04/13/2022
info_outline Reducing barriers with Melissa Allen, Executive Director @ League of Innovators 04/06/2022
info_outline Radical transparency with Marc Boscher, Founder & CEO @ Unito 03/31/2022
info_outline Thinking big with Mia Morisset, VP Growth Equity @ iNovia Capital 03/25/2022
info_outline Taking pride in your work with Mohannad El-Barachi, Co-Founder & CEO @ Wrk 03/18/2022
info_outline Aligning interests with Stéphan Marois, Investment Director @ FSTQ 03/11/2022
info_outline Next evolution of VR with Awane Jones, Co-Founder & CEO @ Phenomena VR 03/04/2022
info_outline Accelerating innovation with Louis-Felix Binette, Executive Director @ Main QC 02/18/2022
info_outline Unlocking student potential with Emmanuelle Coppinger, Managing Director @ Front Row Ventures 02/11/2022
info_outline Electroshock with Martin Aubut, CMO @ nesto 02/04/2022
info_outline Building an adaptive culture with Elizabeth Henry, CEO @ Adviso 01/28/2022
info_outline Building a world-class franchise with JF Coté, CEO @ Sharethrough 12/10/2021
info_outline Enabling real change with Phil G. Joseph, Creator @ Rep Matters | Associate @ Real Ventures 11/26/2021
info_outline Developing Founders with Janet Bannister, Managing Partner @ Real Ventures 11/19/2021
info_outline Responsible investing with Tima Gros, COO and Paul Allard CEO @ Impak Finance 11/12/2021
info_outline Perfecting your pitch with Raymond Luk, Founder & CEO @ Hockeystick 11/05/2021
info_outline Power to the product with Christine Dupuis, VP of Product @ Heyday 10/29/2021
info_outline Mastering the rush with David Nadezhdin, Co-Founder & CEO @ MYR 10/21/2021
info_outline Next generation entrepreneurship with Zach Laberge, Founder & CEO @ Frenter 10/15/2021
info_outline Expanding creativity with Valerie Pisano, President & CEO @ MILA 10/01/2021
info_outline Simplifying life insurance with Greg Rozdeba, Co-Founder & President @ Dundas Life 09/24/2021
info_outline Saving fertility with Paxton Maeder-York, CEO & Founder @ Alife Health 09/09/2021