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Pop Culture Makes Me Jealous

Pop culture through the lens of race or gender and sometimes both.

info_outline Better Things with Rebecca Bodenheimer 04/30/2024
info_outline 90s Weddings with Bridget Baker 04/10/2024
info_outline Wreck It Ralph with Eunicee Brownlee 03/27/2024
info_outline The Little Mermaid with SoSo Juv 03/13/2024
info_outline Turning Red with Amy Albertson 03/06/2024
info_outline The Parent Trap (1998) 02/28/2024
info_outline The Parent Trap with Carly and Becca 02/21/2024
info_outline The Hunchback of Notre Dam with Natalie Katona 02/14/2024
info_outline Inside Out with Jacki Hayes 02/07/2024
info_outline Barbie Snubs? Okay Oscars with Natalie Katona 01/31/2024
info_outline Cheeta Girls 2 with Ivana Robinson 01/24/2024
info_outline Honey I Shrunk the Kids with Movies with Mr. Mario 01/17/2024
info_outline Bedknobs and Broomsticks with Eunice Brownlee 01/10/2024
info_outline Muppets Christmas Carol with Samantha Crockett 12/20/2023
info_outline Aladdin with Erin Vandeven aka Medium Lady 12/13/2023
info_outline Jelly Pops Book Club: The Last Unicorn with Jacki Hayes 12/09/2023
info_outline The Tudors with Alrinthea Carter and Natalie Katona 12/06/2023
info_outline Cinderella with Gabrielle Crichlow 11/29/2023
info_outline The Woman in Me with Natalie Katona 11/16/2023
info_outline Annie with It's My Screen Time Too 11/08/2023
info_outline Fixing Famous People 11/01/2023
info_outline The Great Muppet Caper with Alrinthea Carter 10/25/2023
info_outline Britney Spears with Natalie Katona 10/24/2023
info_outline Beckham with Movies with Mr. Mario 10/18/2023
info_outline Freaky Friday (2003) with Chris DeRosa 10/04/2023
info_outline Depp vs Heard with Natalie Katona 09/27/2023
info_outline Tangled with Kelli Perrault 09/20/2023
info_outline Top Earning Summer Movies (2023) with Mario Mellow 09/06/2023
info_outline REPLAY: Still Comfy? Practical Magic 08/30/2023
info_outline The Barbie Movie with Natalie Katona 08/16/2023