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You might delete texts, but you don't throw away postcards. This podcast is about writing and collecting postcards, both in modern times and from more than 100 years ago.

info_outline E62: Is This Thing On? 06/02/2019
info_outline E61: How I Became the World's Leading Collector of Bigfoot Postcards 04/01/2019
info_outline E60: Postcard Stories with Jim Lynch 03/17/2019
info_outline E59: The Snail's Mail Postcard Shop with Jess Davis 03/10/2019
info_outline E58: The World's Most Expensive Postcard and Postcards for Good 03/05/2019
info_outline E57: Sissy Cross of Lone Star Letter Writers 02/25/2019
info_outline E56: Heidi Belinsky of Mx & Co Post 02/18/2019
info_outline E56: Heidi Belinsky of Max & Co Post 02/18/2019
info_outline E56: Heidi Belinsky of Max & Co Post 02/18/2019
info_outline E55: Love Hearts Project Live 02/14/2019
info_outline E54: Fairy Tale Postcards with Jack Zipes 02/11/2019
info_outline E53: Postcard Short Story Experiment - The Results 02/04/2019
info_outline E52: Postcard Perspectives with Pop Surrealist Camilla d'Errico 01/28/2019
info_outline E51: Jess Does DIY...and Postcards 01/21/2019
info_outline E50: Halfway There 01/15/2019
info_outline E49: Shannon McCormick of Take a Hike Podcast 01/08/2019
info_outline E48: A Year in Review with Matthew Roche 12/31/2018
info_outline E47: The Youngest Postcardists Wish You a Merry Christmas 12/24/2018
info_outline E46: Mailbox Memories with Ashli Ahrens 12/18/2018
info_outline E45: The Postcardist in Stereo 12/09/2018
info_outline E44: Son of a Son of a Postcardist 11/26/2018
info_outline E43: Evan Kalish of Postlandia Visited 9,200 Post Offices 11/12/2018
info_outline E42: Postcardist News Network 11/05/2018
info_outline E41: Hauntings and Halloween Postcards 10/29/2018
info_outline E40: Postcards for Good with Russ Romano 10/22/2018
info_outline E39: Vintage Postcard Mailing Experiment with Russ Romano 10/22/2018
info_outline E38: Postcards to Space 10/15/2018
info_outline E37: Disney Postcard Collecting with Mark Routh 10/08/2018
info_outline E36: The Postcardist Podcast By The Numbers 10/01/2018
info_outline E35: A Chat with Postcard Dealer Susan Lane 09/24/2018