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POWER MOVES with Mike Burns

The week's stupidest true crime, committed by everyday idiots. Mike and co-host Gnarly Zack also discuss power moves in the world of food, sports, music, and share tales of questionable behavior from themselves and listeners. Subscribe for a better life.

info_outline 103 - Oregon Man Shoots Self in Groin, Dukes of Hazzard Detroit, and Hooter's 5th Grader 09/24/2020
info_outline 102 - Hoverboard Dentist, Red Lobster Dew Garita, and McDonald's Assault Karma 09/17/2020
info_outline 101 - Penis Stew & Boyfriend Murdered with SUV Over Hot Dog Dispute 09/10/2020
info_outline 100 - Boneless Buffalo Wings Cancelled, Nude Taco Bell Drive Thru, and Oral Sex for Juul 09/03/2020
info_outline 099 - Florida Fart Dad Beaten, Trash Can Stabbing, and The Bang Fam 08/27/2020
info_outline 098 - MLB Unwritten Rules, Idiot Shoots Own Balls, and Boat Wife Urine Assault 08/20/2020
info_outline 097 - Chili's Hostess Mob Attack, Marty Jannetty Murder, and Brooks Wheelan vs. Logan Paul 08/13/2020
info_outline 096 - Nudity vs. Police, Pizza Boy Pleasures, and Samurai Sword Attack 08/07/2020
info_outline 095 - Juggalo Chris Hansen, Dad Crotch Grab, and Tom Brady Grave Hater 07/30/2020
info_outline 094 - Jesus Mushrooms, Target Restroom Gun, and Rent A Hitman 07/23/2020
info_outline 093 - Pizza vs. Machete, Cop on Cop Violence, and Porta Potty Destruction 07/16/2020
info_outline 092 - Drunk Canoeing, Racist Bar Petition, and Daddy Splits Face Open 07/09/2020
info_outline 091 - Chef Boyardee, Naked Gardening, and Pizza Toppings Gunfire 07/02/2020
info_outline 090 - eBay Executive Porno Orgy Pig Mask Harassment and Cruisin' Chubbys Outbreak 06/25/2020
info_outline 089 - Miller Park Lawn Vandal, Cop Accuses McDonald's of McChicken Bite, and White Claw Assault 06/18/2020
info_outline 088 - Porn Star Toad Poison Death, Idiot Blows Himself Up Making a Bomb, and Scumbag Urinates in Almond Milk 06/11/2020
info_outline 087 - Hot Pockets Bank Break In and Shut the "F" Up Kids 05/28/2020
info_outline 086 - Soccer Sex Dolls, Taco Bell Doo Doo Drive Thru, and Elderly S&M Gone Wrong 05/21/2020
info_outline 085 - McDonald's Vandal Steals Walmart Panties, Red Lobster Mother's Day Brawl, and Publix Deli Gun 05/14/2020
info_outline 084 - Drunk Runs Himself Over, Alligator Murders Woman, and 911 Call for Crotch on Fire 05/07/2020
info_outline 083 - Big Ed, Cleveland Bar Busted for 'Rona, and Beer Sales are Blowing Up 04/30/2020
info_outline 082 - NYC Mayor Gets Dick Pics, 2 Car Crashes 1 House, and The Junk Drawer 04/23/2020
info_outline 081 - Last Meals, Drinking From Home, and Threesome Gone Wrong 04/16/2020
info_outline 080 - Top 3 Extravaganza Part 1 04/09/2020
info_outline 079 - Dog Pulled Over in High Speed Chase and Pee Napkin Domestic Dispute 04/02/2020
info_outline 078 - Boober Eats, T-Shirt Toilet Paper, and NYC Rim Jobs Give You 'Rona 03/26/2020
info_outline 077 - Quarantine Recipes, NFL Free Agency, Binge Suggestions, and Wild Erotic Dancer DUI 03/19/2020
info_outline 076 - Alex Jones DWI, Ram's Horn Knife Attack, and Wisconsin Cop's Penus Destroyed 03/12/2020
info_outline 075 - Florida Hospital Toe Sucker, Taco Bell Mom Huffing Crash, and Double 7-Eleven Robbery 03/05/2020