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Power of Moms Radio

Power of Moms is an online gathering place for thousands of deliberate mothers around the globe. In this podcast, April will bring you lively discussions, thought-provoking interviews, and inspiring ideas to help you find more peace, purpose, order, and joy in motherhood (and person-hood!).

info_outline Audio Post: Embracing Messy Motherhood | Life’s Work | It’s Enough [Season 4: Episode 2] 02/13/2019
info_outline Audio Post: Hot Kettle Moments, Piano School Dropout, Try Resting Instead [Season 4: Episode 1] 01/10/2019
info_outline Our Thoughts Matter: Defeating Fear, Mini Catastrophes, Holiday Self Care Audio Post [Season 3 - Episode 11] 12/20/2018
info_outline Five Strategies to Help Your Family Fight Technology Addiction [Season 3, Episode 10] 12/06/2018
info_outline It’s Time to Be What We Believe [Season 3, Episode 9] 11/29/2018
info_outline How to Create an Energy Map [Season 3, Episode 8] 11/15/2018
info_outline Holiday Planning Workshop - Lesson 5 [BONUS Episode] 11/14/2018
info_outline Holiday Planning Workshop - Lesson 4 [BONUS Episode] 11/12/2018
info_outline Holiday Planning Workshop - Lesson 3 [BONUS Episode] 11/10/2018
info_outline Holiday Planning Workshop - Lesson 2 [BONUS Episode] 11/08/2018
info_outline Holiday Planning Workshop - Lesson 1 [BONUS Episode] 11/06/2018
info_outline Tried and True Holiday Planning Tips [Season 3, Episode 7] 11/01/2018
info_outline Gauging progression, Teens are capable & Parenting Special Needs- Audio Post [Season 3, Episode 6] 10/25/2018
info_outline A Mother's Influence, Teaching Kindness and the Value of Play [Season 3, Episode 5] 10/18/2018
info_outline Halloween Ideas [Season 3, Episode 4] 10/11/2018
info_outline Appreciating the Now, Being Open About Our Challenges, and Strategic Parenting - Audio Posts [Season 3, Episode 3] 09/20/2018
info_outline Make Laundry a Beautiful Experience [Season 3, Episode 2] 09/13/2018
info_outline What My 18-Year-Old Actually Remembers from Childhood [Season 3, Episode 1] 08/31/2018
info_outline Encore Podcast: Organizing a Beautiful Life that Fits on One Plate [Season 2 - Episode 22] 08/23/2018
info_outline Encore Podcast: Outer Order Contributes to Inner Calm with Gretchen Rubin [Season 2 - Episode 21] 08/16/2018
info_outline How to Organize School Papers - Bonus Episode with Alia and April 08/15/2018
info_outline Encore Podcast: Finding Hope and Beauty in Motherhood with Rachel Nielson [Season 2 - Episode 20] 08/09/2018
info_outline Encore Podcast: Sibling Rivalry (What To Do?) [Season 2, Episode 19] 08/02/2018
info_outline Encore Audio Post: Keeping Your Cool [Season 2 - Episode 17] 07/19/2018
info_outline Encore Audio Post: Inspiration for a No-Stress Summer [Season 2, Episode 16] 07/12/2018
info_outline Self Care Is Not Selfish, When It Feels Hard to 'Enjoy Every Moment,' and How to Be a Happy Mother--Audio Posts! [Season 2, Episode 15] 06/29/2018
info_outline GTD for Teens - with Mike Williams and April Perry [Season 2, Episode 14] 06/13/2018
info_outline Everyone Needs Backup, Exercise Therapy, and How to Have Difficult Conversations with Teachers--Audio Posts! [Season 2, Episode 13] 06/07/2018
info_outline Calling Down the Power of Heaven—How Mothers Can Enable Miracles [Season 2, Episode 12] 05/31/2018
info_outline "Three Ways to Help Our Children Not to Be Afraid" with Sarah Boyd [Season 2, Episode 11] 05/24/2018