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The Pretty Powerful Woman Podcast

Your life story is probably the most powerful thing that has shaped you. No one has experienced your set of unique experiences and I want you to learn how to share them with impact. With powerful body language and a strong magnetic presence, you can step into the spotlight while staying true to your most authentic self. Hi, my name is Dr. Keri Yang and I’m so excited you’ve found the Pretty Powerful Woman Podcast. I help entrepreneurs and professionals speak in their signature style and tell their unique stories. I teach my clients how to leverage the power of their personal presence, speak with style, and use captivating stories to build an instant connection with their audience. Through my travels around the globe speaking, I’ve had the honor to hear extraordinary stories from people just like you and me. These stories show us how much alike we actually are as human beings and how much we can support and learn from each other. I built my business with one idea: to help people use speaking to change the trajectory of their lives. Because when you have a powerful story and a solution that can help someone, you deserve a stage and an opportunity. But ultimately, you have to be the one to create that stage when opportunity knocks. I’m so glad you’re here to listen to some of the most compelling stories shared with me and in the process learn how to tell your own amazing and unforgettable story. Ready to learn more? Connect on IG: @prettypowerfulwoman Ready to take your speaking style to the next level? Let’s work together!

info_outline Becoming the Voice of Today’s Pretty Powerful Woman 11/24/2021