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Professor Buzzkill History Podcast

Professor Buzzkill is an exciting blog & podcast that explores history myths in an illuminating, entertaining, and humorous way.

info_outline Gun Violence in the US and the History of the NRA - Encore 04/13/2021
info_outline Income Tax and Inequality in US History - Encore 04/11/2021
info_outline Immigration and The Deportation Machine in the United States 04/06/2021
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info_outline Warfare, Technology, Constitutions, and the Making of the Modern World 03/30/2021
info_outline Gloria Steinem "A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle" Quote or No Quote? 03/29/2021
info_outline Programmed Inequality: Women and British Computing - Encore! 03/28/2021
info_outline Breaking Protocol: America’s First Female Ambassadors, Part 2 03/27/2021
info_outline Breaking Protocol: America's First Female Ambassadors, Part 1 03/26/2021
info_outline Vanguard: How Black Women Broke Barriers, Won the Vote, and Insisted on Equality for All - Encore! 03/25/2021
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info_outline Marilyn Monroe, "Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History" Quote or No Quote? 03/22/2021
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info_outline Irish Symbols and Hidden Hibernians 03/14/2021
info_outline Irish Things that are Actually British 03/13/2021
info_outline Irish Slaves Myth 03/12/2021
info_outline The Pizza Effect and National Pizza Day 03/08/2021
info_outline History of Concentration Camps 03/06/2021
info_outline "The Deviant's War": the Homosexual vs. the United States of America 02/23/2021
info_outline Appeasement and “Guilty Women” in Inter-War Britain 02/18/2021
info_outline Presidential Impeachment — Encore Episode! 02/09/2021
info_outline Daughters of Yalta: the Churchills, the Roosevelts, and the Harrimans in 1945 02/02/2021
info_outline "Robert E. Lee and Me" - General Ty Seidule 01/28/2021
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