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Prompted Spontaneity Podcast

A podcast that brings musical minds together in effort of writing one song.

info_outline Bury Magnets 02/24/2015
info_outline Wes Dodd, Saxophones, "Wild Truth" 02/01/2015
info_outline Matt Haas, Matt Haas, Matt Haas 12/08/2014
info_outline Jon Finley, Nice Guys, Wrestleball 11/05/2014
info_outline Jamie Stillman, Earthquaker Devices, Menu Screens 08/27/2014
info_outline Jason Tarulli, "Sound Guy Stuff", Arenas 08/13/2014
info_outline Keith Freund, Mold On Canvas, Name Pronunciation 07/24/2014
info_outline Ryan Brannon, Bands, Coffee 06/25/2014
info_outline Joe Golden, Hard Gig'n, Prince 06/11/2014
info_outline Mallison, Zevon, Clements 05/28/2014
info_outline Jeff France, Rigs, Perfected Methods 05/14/2014
info_outline Gabe Schray, Elephants, Fretless Bass 04/30/2014