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The Propaganda Report

Political talk-show host, Monica Perez, and her propaganda obsessed side-kick, Brad Binkley, analyze media propaganda and news events, providing clarity from the chaos. As an anarcho-capitalist (i.e., extreme libertarian), Monica is an uncompromising defender of personal liberty. As a humorist with a fetish for propaganda analysis and psychology, Brad just likes exposing the lies of the elites. Politics is a con game. Conspiracies exist. And the world doesn't make the news, the news makes the world. Join us.

info_outline Incestuous Corruption With Travis Mateer FIRST FREE HOUR 01/21/2022
info_outline Russia-Ukraine Crisis Deep Dive Part II, 5 Events That Turned Gen Z Into Dems, & What The Tonga Volcanic Blast Is Really About (DNB) 01/20/2022
info_outline It's The FREE COVID Test & Mask Extravaganza!, The Microsoft Bizyverse, & Diving Deep On The Ukraine/Russia Situation (DNB) 01/20/2022
info_outline Did America Identify More As Dem or Rep In 2021?, Why 5G Is Worrying Some Pilots & Diving Deep On Criminal Justice Reform (DNB) 01/19/2022
info_outline Deep Dive On Desantis, Doctor Loses License Over Vax "Misinformation", & Crypto Emerges As Campaign Issue (DNB) 01/17/2022
info_outline Conversation w/Communications Professor & Author, Oliver Boyd-Barrett 01/14/2022
info_outline Feds Targeting "Accelerationists", How To Question The Science & 19-Year Old Hacks 25 Teslas (DNB) 01/13/2022
info_outline Biden Shunned By Queen Stacey Abrams, Banning Mr. Smith From Washington & The Justice Department Creates A New Unit (DNB) 01/12/2022
info_outline What Is The Rand Paul vs Fauci Feud Really About, When Counter Terrorism Gets It Wrong & Fires: Urban & Rural (DNB) 01/12/2022
info_outline Words The Feds Are Monitoring, How The WEF Gets Every Company In Lockstep & Bob Saget Found Dead (DNB) 01/11/2022
info_outline Detained Tennis Star Becomes International Symbol of Rebellion. Biden’s NOT SEE, NAZI Maneuver. & WEF Enlists The World’s Wealthiest To Spread Great Reset ESG Model (DNB) 01/08/2022
info_outline Is Jan. 6 The Trip Wire You've Been Warned About? The Capitol Remembrance Act, & The Poor Poor Wealthy Finally Find Their Voice (DNB) 01/06/2022
info_outline OH MY! Cron, What To Watch Out For If You're Planning To Fly Anytime Soon & "Woke" NASCAR Strikes Again (DNB) 01/05/2022
info_outline Dems Plan Day of Spectacles To "Commemorate" Jan. 6, Alexa Dares 10-Yr Old To Electrocute Herself & Perverse Incentives & Moral Hazards In Policing (DNB) 01/04/2022
info_outline How True Believers Are Created, Aaron Rogers Challenge To Sanjay Gupta, & Peeling Another Layer of The Great Reset Onion 01/03/2022
info_outline Mad Ones: Last Call with Brad Binkley and Dent 12/31/2021
info_outline Union of the Unwanted : 39 : The Mainstream Mentality 12/30/2021
info_outline The Mind as a Prison w/Liberty Weekly 12/29/2021
info_outline False Reality Check Audio Only - 35 - Truth Liberty Through The Propaganda with Monica Perez Brad Binkley 12/28/2021
info_outline History Homos w/Monica Perez FIRST HOUR Only 12/27/2021
info_outline Union of the Unwanted : 40 : Dr. Peter McCullough and year end wrap up 12/23/2021
info_outline Top Ten Events of 2021, Biden's Publicity Stunt Backfires & Here Comes Gaming While Driving (DNB) 12/22/2021
info_outline Biden Coughs Out New COVID Plan, Kyrie Irving Is Back...Sort Of & Where Is Chuck Grassley's Constitution (DNB) 12/21/2021
info_outline Operation Omicron Hysteria, What's Brandon Think of "Let's Go Brandon" & Why Truckers Are Shutting Down Colorado (DNB) 12/20/2021
info_outline Astrotheology w/Micah Dank First Hour 12/17/2021
info_outline The Strategy Of Terror, Biden Signs Great Reset Themed Executive Order & Christmas Time Tornadoes (DNB) 12/16/2021
info_outline Deep Faking Medical Imaging w/Fauci, Vaccine-Induced COVID? & News Making The News By Manipulating The News (DNB) 12/16/2021
info_outline mRNA and The Blood of The Young, Is This The Beginning of The End For Vax Mandates?, LOL Gets You Thirty Days (DNB) 12/14/2021
info_outline Vaccination By Proxy, Practice Makes Perfect...Storms, & The Significance of Musk Time (DNB) 12/13/2021
info_outline Connecting The Dots w/Michael Wann First Hour 12/10/2021