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Quantum Froth Dispatches

Join host Michael Haspil as he talks about stories, writing craft, and storytelling. The podcast ranges over a broad swath of subjects, from history to conspiracy theories, to pop-culture, and games.  ►To add the show via RSS feed, use this address: https://qfdpodcast.libsyn.com/rss ► If you would like to support the podcast, find out how by following this link: PATREON ► You can pick up a copy of my award-winning novel: GRAVEYARD SHIFT here or at fine booksellers everywhere: AMAZON ► Get the audio-book for GRAVEYARD SHIFT, read by the incredible Michael Kramer here: AUDIBLE ►Music and cues by: TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm) YOUTUBE SPOTIFY

info_outline TOP GUN: MAVERICK Part 1 05/24/2023
info_outline QFD Episode 53 - Deep Immersion and Distraction Free Writing 03/10/2022
info_outline QFD Episode 52 - Matrix 4 - An Epic Trolling 12/25/2021
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info_outline QFD Episode 49 - Blue Sky On Mars 06/02/2021
info_outline QFD Episode 48 - Mass Effect Retrospective - N7 Day Special 11/07/2020
info_outline QFD Episode 47 - Fiction - Operation Eidolon Part 2 10/31/2020
info_outline QFD Episode 46 - Fiction - Operation Eidolon Part 1 10/29/2020
info_outline QFD Episode 45 - Writing a Book is Secretly Easy 08/17/2020
info_outline Krull - 37th Anniversary Revisit. 07/27/2020
info_outline Special Order 937: Promethius, Aliens, and Head Canon 05/03/2020
info_outline Using Tabletop Games To Help Your Writing Experiment 03/05/2020
info_outline Interview with Andrew Haines 12/21/2019
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info_outline QFD Ep. 26 -- Star Trek - TWOK Pt5. - Kobayashi Maru 03/06/2019
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