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Real Aligned Women

Real Aligned Women (aka RAW) is a podcast co-hosted by Courtney Andersen and Lori Massicot where they share inspiring stories from themselves and others in recovery from addiction. Honest, authentic, and sometimes humorous; RAW tells is like it is!

info_outline The Benefits of PARTYING Sober 10/31/2019
info_outline Limiting Beliefs with Julianna Fluitt 10/24/2019
info_outline Is Medication Okay in Sobriety? 10/17/2019
info_outline Life After Sex Addiction with Dominick Quartuccio  09/26/2019
info_outline A DEEP Dive Into Body Image 09/19/2019
info_outline From Addiction to Jail to Healing with Wendy Adamson 09/05/2019
info_outline To Drink or Not: Non-Alcoholic Beverages 08/29/2019
info_outline Living Her Best Life Sober AF with Sarah Ordo 08/22/2019
info_outline Celebrate Sobriety 08/15/2019
info_outline Surrendering with Julie Kennedy 08/08/2019
info_outline Sugar Cravings in Recovery 08/01/2019
info_outline Life After Relapse with Lora Anne Strong 07/25/2019
info_outline Liquid Courage Vs. Sober Courage 07/19/2019
info_outline BONUS: Accountability in Sobriety 07/14/2019
info_outline Are You Living In Chaos? 07/11/2019
info_outline Adult Child of an Alcoholic with Carly's Confessions 07/04/2019
info_outline The Truth About Social Media and Sobriety 06/27/2019
info_outline Sober Sex 06/20/2019
info_outline Grieving Your Drinking Self 06/13/2019
info_outline Mom Guilt with Beth Bugnell 06/06/2019
info_outline Relapse + Our Evening with The Countess 05/30/2019
info_outline Grey Area Drinking + Moderation Explored 05/09/2019
info_outline Talking Triggers with Amy Dresner 05/02/2019
info_outline When Perimenopause and Alcohol Collide 04/25/2019
info_outline Faith, Family, and Fitness with Doug Bopst 04/18/2019
info_outline How to get out of an abusive relationship 04/11/2019
info_outline Social Dynamics in Sobriety 04/04/2019
info_outline REAL Sober Talk with Courtney + Lori 03/28/2019
info_outline Resurrection from Trauma + Addiction with Jen Elizabeth 03/21/2019
info_outline Postpartum and Me with Sara Kwiatkowski 03/14/2019